So something has been bothering me VERY much lately and I decided I had to talk about it.
I have talked about “serious” stuff on here before. But this is different.
Lately I have been seeing tweets and instagrams and facebook posts talking about tanning.
No, not laying out. But going to the tanning bed. 
Look, I get it. 
I like being tan too. 
But destroying your skin and the chances of getting skin cancer are way too high for you to continue to tan in a tanning bed. 
Of course, this topic hits very close to home.
My Dad just got out of the hospital this past Saturday for a second time. 
He had to reverse a surgery that left him using a bag to use the bathroom. He has countless staples in his stomach. And a long recovery process ahead. Frankly, he will never be the same again.
Now of course some of this is due to genetics and “back then” they didn't use sunscreen. 
But how can you see that others around you are becoming ill, even dying and people continue to go to the tanning beds? 
It's like you see the bad side effects of smoking, but you still smoke.
And for those that think Melanoma just affects those that are older, take a look at Chelsea
She has battled, and luckily fought melanoma when she was diagnosed with Stage III at age 24. 
If you haven't yet, go read her incredible story.
I know you think it looks pretty. 
I know it's a time to relax.
I know that it makes you feel good.
But in 15 years you won't look as pretty or feel as good. 
Please take tanning seriously. Don't go to tanning beds.  
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