Yesterday we were doing our dreaded taxes.
They say that nothing can be certain in life, except for death and taxes.
While I agree, for the most part, for me there are a few things that always seem to be a common occurrence.
When you're friends come in town that you haven't seen in a while, fun things will happen. 
You will go to brunch and eat and have a mimosa drinking contest.

You wanna know who won? It was a 3 way tie. There were 8 people at the table. 

Things will get weird.  Well, that always happens with me.

               He married me. 

We are dancing so hard it's a blur.

It's pretty certain that if you take me to a bar, I will dance at it.
If the time changes, I will get confused.
If you present me with crawfish, I will eat it.

So you see, there are more things in life that are certain, other than death and taxes.
Like Mondays, those are certainly always the worst. So let's just forget about death and taxes and Mondays and just go back to the weekend. Shall we?!


And my sweet lil sponsored feature, I know y'all will love her! She's pretty freaking awesome.

Hello my sweet, sweet nectarines. I am Kasey and I blog over at Barely Fabricated. I’m 26 years old and I live alone… unless you are a rapist/axe murderer and in which case, I live with several large men and a baby white tiger. Rabid little sucker. When you hop on over to my blog, you may or may not catch yourself asking if you have stumbled across the documentations of a crazy person and frankly my friends, you certainly have. I started my blog as an outlet for my wild imagination so sometimes, like the blog title states, I may fabricate the truth a little bit. (Also, I’m intoxicated 90% of the time so it’s hard to decide what’s true and what’s false these days.) The best part about stretching the truth a little bit in some of my blog posts? You will never be able to blame me when I actually do ridiculous things like I the time wore a trashbag over my head at an ex’s Halloween party to keep tabs on him. I mean, that’s perfectly normal right? If not, it was just another lie, jeez.

Anyway, I am pumped to have you. Any friend of that beauty queen, Helene, is a friend of mine.