Instagram is obviously the best. I love it. 
You could even say I'm addicted to it. 

So, you know WIDN? (it stands for What I'm Doing Now, I had to look it up when I first saw it).
Well currently what I'm doing now is crying over the fact that I'm not in New Orleans on Fat Tuesday trying to catch a coconut at the Zulu parade.  And, I'm devouring a bowl of ice cream since I decided that I'm giving up sweets this year for Lent (and you can hardly call me a practicing Catholic.) 
But I digress.

All this Instagram and Twitter business of #WIDN is that you are “tagged” by someone to show what you're up to at the moment and then you tag a few other people. 
The problem is what I'm doing now is generally never cool. 
Like maybe I am doing something very boring. 
And then I am awkward and don't know who to tag. 
You know?
Maybe you don't know because your #WIDN is super cool and much better than mine. 

Look how many likes I got on this one. A whopping 3. 

Most likely #WIDN is staring at this face and pretending that he knows what I'm talking about. 
But truthfully, what I'm doing is not that exciting.

So I ask you, what are you doing now?

Matter of fact, let's see what The Lady Okie is doing now:

You all came here to read something funny from Helene, and I know you don't want to read a long paragraph about who I am and why my blog is awesome (which it is) or why you should read it (which you should). So instead, I am going to tell you a story about scrotums.
Yes. I said scrotums.
Okay, so one night, my husband, Jordan, was fake kicking me because was bothering him while he was trying to sleep. I said, “Be careful! Don't kick me in my scrotum.” 
And he said, “Um WHAT?” And then I was like, “Isn't your scrotum in your stomach?” So my husband told me where a scrotum was. Then I felt stupid. (Read more in this post: Sexual Innuendoes: Let's Talk About Them
These are the sorts of things I write about on my blog. Things like me thinking a scrotum is something in my stomach. I am also training for my very first marathon and like to write about running and fitness. There was this one time I fell asleep in the middle of a Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred DVD. Just straight up on the floor asleep. So there's that.
Anyway, come over and check out my blog! There's always a story to be told.