Now there has been some hemming and hawing about whether or not it's a good idea to sponsor blogs. 

In my opinion, it's a personal choice 

YOU run your blog. Do whatcha wanna.
I like sponsoring blogs. 
I like to look at blogger's side bar and see who is sponsoring them.
I like when people sponsor me. I feel like I get to know them more and so do my readers. 
I like giveaways
Not every other post. 
But occasionally. 
I might never have heard of a blog if I haven't clicked a link from a giveaway. 

No, I'm not going to start following a blog just because they host a giveaway. But it will give that blog some exposure.

So what do I look for when sponsoring a blog?

1. I read them. When I go to sponsor a blog I pick one not just because they have a lot of followers but I like what they are putting out into the blogosphere.
This is the first blog I sponsored. I read Sami everyday. I love her and her blog, so it was a natural fit for me to sponsor. You should actually like the blog you are sponsoring and find something you might have in common.
2. Comments. Forget the number of followers, are people actually reading their writing? I find that blogs that get a lot of comments are great because you can see people are actively engaged.
People are actually reading this blog. What she is writing has people interested. And that means they may be interested in you.
3. Stats. How many page views are they getting? They could have 1,000 followers and less than 100 hits per day. That info should be somewhere. Or you can tell by the above (comments and you actually read their blog).

She puts out there for everyone to see. And she should, she gets a lot of hits. This is because of course, all of the above.

4. Interest Factor They are entertaining, funny, heartfelt: bottom line captivating. Is their blog something other people are reading?
People love what she has to say and therefore will keep coming back for more. 
5. They back up what they claim. I have been burned by this in the past, people tell you that they will give you social media shout outs, giveaway, guest post options- are they doing it?
Take a look at their other sponsors and see. Hell, ask their sponsors what they think!

 Ex. Dancing with Ashley and Southern Living, Our Way

They do everything they said plus more. I can dig that. 

(There are others that I have loved sponsoring and haven't listed, just giving you some examples).

The main point: you want a sponsor to help you gain more readers to your blog.

I sponsor other blogs too (ever cent I make goes into me sponsoring other blogs). 
To me it's great exposure AND a great way to meet other blogs you fall in love with.

But here's why you shouldn't sponsor blogs (specifically mine):

– You don't want people to read your blog
– You don't want to have fun
– Mean girls isn't a good movie to you (jk…sorta)
– You hate life
– Sarcasm makes you wanna vom
– You are afraid of this face

Bottom line: I think sponsoring is a good idea.
If you wanna know about my options:
Click here for sponsorship info.

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