Now that Valentine's Day is over (thank goodness) we can celebrate the way we really want…
with a Group Giveaway!

And in case you read my previous post with Two Truths and A Lie,
here are my answers:
1. True- I don't drink beer, never have never will. Unless, of course, I am forced to during a drinking game. Don't worry I keep Franzia near me. I'm classy like that.  
2. True- I don't eat burgers or steak. (most of y'all thought this was my lie, ha!) Red meat is only OK if it's in a taco. 
3. False- I have broken other bones besides my ankle. NOPE! only broke the ol' ankle, never have I ever broken another bone in my body- yet. 

So let's get to it. 
One winner will take ALL!
Jessinia from Sea Glass and Ribbons
200 x 200 Ad Space

 photo DSC_3809_zpsebae600d.jpg

Casey from True Colours
Beautiful Travel Photo

Rachel from Postcards from Rachel
$10 to Starbucks

Kaitlyn From Put a Bow on It
J Crew Bow Necklace
 photo bownecklace_zps3b41587f.jpg

Erin from Love, Fun and Football
$20 to Starbucks
 photo IMG_6080.jpg

Amanda from The Lady Okie
Taylor Swift “Red” Cd

$10 to Bath and Body Works
 photo AlexaSLHeleneMarchGiveaway_zps5782d4bc.jpg

Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries
$20 Blog Elements Design
 photo bridal_zps6c846d2e.jpg

Katie from Dreaming in Lace and Pearls
$20 to Victoria's Secret
 photo giveaway.jpg