Holiday gift guides are everywhere. I should know. I've already blogged two (blogger gift guide and my wish list.) One thing that might not be on your list is sponsoring a blog.
I'm a fan of sponsoring blogs. I think it's a great way to grow your following; some of my favorite bloggers that I read today were found through sponsoring other bloggers and entering giveaways. You can read why I believe in sponsoring, but today I wanted to talk about good options for the best bang for your buck.
When I have consultations, a lot of people tell me they want to sponsor a blog, but they don't want to get burned. Believe me, we've all been there. So in my opinion, here are some of my faves.

1. The Daily Tay
When you look at Taylor's sponsor page, you can see that she gets serious page views. More page views = more time for you to be seen. She offers a Saturday Takeover (as well as a feature) that builds SEO for your blog and also is guaranteed page views for you. I know, because I've seen drastic increases in mine when I've advertised with her.

2. The Alisha Nicole and Hey, Hollywood
I really appreciate it when bloggers do what they say. Especially when it comes to social media shout outs. These bloggers go above and beyond, and I can tell that they actually read what I've written. Both Alisha and Holly are so dedicated and made sure to ask me questions and make sure I was happy along the way.

3. Venus Trapped in Mars
Sarah has a range of sponsor options (many super cheap, in my opinion!) and she's always so creative with her sponsors. Her giveaways are always huge hits with big increases in your follower count. Yes, giveaways do mean more followers. And that's a good thing.

4. Living in Yellow
Erin has a way with her sponsors. Every time I've sponsored her I've had so many new followers and readers.

5. Always Ashten
Ashten goes out of her way to get to know you. She makes sure the experience is not just a “paid for and done” thing (is this a thing?) but really makes you feel like a friend. She'll support your endeavors and her prices are INSANELY cheap. Hurry before she ups them. (Because she really should.)

6. Life According to Steph and Not Entirely Perfect
These ladies (both named Stephanie!) are not only my organizing gurus, but they mean what they say. They have highly engaged readers which means they will be engaged in what you have to say.

Some tips for choosing a sponsor:
Do they list their stats? That's usually very important for me to actually see results.
Do they offer a guest post/shout out option? Sidebar ads DO work but if you want to rank higher on Google while creating more SEO for yourself guest posting is a great option. Also social media shoutouts = more pageviews.
Do they have reviews? A lot of bloggers are busy (aren't we all?) sometimes they don't follow through on their promises. Having reviews from other bloggers helps you make an informed decision.

This is where I had the most success. Now you tell me! Who have you had luck with sponsoring?

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