UPDATE: For some reason, all 100+ comments on this post got deleted when I moved from blogger to wordpress. But the point is still valid! Feel free to restart the discussion.
It seems like everyone around me (friends, blogs, etc) are wanting to have a baby, pregnant or have a kid already.
I am FAR from that. I don't know if it's selfishness, immaturity or just plain lack of the motherly gene but I know that I don't want them. At least for now.
I am talking about not at all.
Which is very weird since I grew up Catholic and so did my husband and we are surrounded by families with  kids and friends that want to have kids.
Sometimes I feel like that means I'm a bad person. Or that something is wrong with me.
Why don't I have these tendencies?
One of my best friends just had a beautiful baby boy and I adore him. I love him so much.


But I don't want a baby.
I will play with your baby. But then I will gladly give him back when he/she cries or needs a diaper change.
I really want to travel.
I want to see the world.
I want to drink and have fun.
All the time. And I don't want to worry about getting a babysitter or having my husband stay at home when I go out.


I am terrified of how my kids will turn out.
Kids these days. They can be very bratty, rude and just plain bad.
I creeped on my sisters' friend's instagram the other day and it had pictures of weed on there. Excuse me? Get it together!
My sisters are 7 years younger than me, and a lot of times I treat them like a parent would. Which they hate.But what if my kids turn out terrible at life in general? They can't get a job, they have no friends, and they hate me?
That scares me to death.

And here's a problem (judge away): I like being the center of attention.
I know, I know. That's bad.
But I do. I like that my husband focuses on me. And not a child who needs constant attention.
One reason why I maybe should have a youngin': the relationship I have with my parents.
I love my parents so much and I love that I can tell them anything.
I can go to them for everything.
And as they get older it's the same for them.


Maybe I'm just not ready.
Maybe one day my mind will change.
But for now, I'm just 26, married and ready to party.
Is that so bad?