Have you heard of eShakati? Well, it's affordable custom clothing. In my opinion everyone needs at least one dress tailored to fit them like a glove. And one that makes them feel like a hottie. You know that one dress that is your go-to get up for that wedding or cocktail party?
Y'all, eShakti has you covered. The prices are so reasonable and they tailor it to you. 
They offer standard and custom sizing and the selection is great.
What's shocking is the pricing on these dresses, tops, skirts and jackets. Check it.
And don't take it from me, they were just featured in Vogue.

It was so hard to pick something. I know I needed something for a work event: simple and classic.
When I saw this lovely I knew it was perfect!
This has pockets? Yes, please.

Here are some of my faves:

I wish so badly I discovered this online retailer before my wedding. This would've been an absolutely perfect bridesmaid dress. Y'all I looked everywhere for my girl's dresses. And this would have made it soooo easy.

There are SOME dress retailers out there that are just well, exhausting.
And tacky.
You just can't find that at eShakti.
Beautiful tailored pieces are what they are all about.

Bottom line: well made dresses to fit you perfectly.
Sign up with eShakti and get $25 off your first purchase!
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