Weekends are the best aren't they? Well they will be the best in 2 months when I can finally walk again. (Thanks girl who dropped me 20 feet rock climbing) 
Broken Ankle- 1 point
Helene- 0
On Saturday I posted about whether or not I should go to my high school alumni homecoming. You see it's this great event every year where we all get together and reminisce. (Also they have a small concert, this year was Eli Young Band.) The cool thing is that we are all still friends and people come from all over the country to come back for this thing.
Homecoming 2011

I didn't go. I felt like it would be very awkward rolling around in a wheel chair. 
Broken Ankle- up by 2
Helene- 0
But I did get this picture:
                   Homecoming 2012……………Homecoming 2004 (I couldn't find the pic of us together)

Us as the dance, 2004

Instead I was VERY productive…not. 
Here's what I accomplished:
I voted. I got to cut in line because, technically right now, I'm disabled. 
Broken ankle staying at 2, Helene moves up 1!
I sat around and looked at Facebook and stalked people.
Broken ankle Collect $200, Helene- move back 2 places. 
I also looked at this website a lot: Animals Doing People Things
Broken Ankle- get pain meds, Helene- Go to Jail
And my husband and I got into a fight about No Shave November. 
July 4th last year is the picture above. 
I won. 
Broken ankle- skip a turn
Helene- Yahtzee!
On Sunday I got my butt off the couch and went to brunch at this great place: Crossroads Diner in Dallas
It was delicious and fattening.
Broken Ankle- Draw 2
Helene- Get out of jail Free card
I guess it was an OK weekend after all. Broken Ankle still won the community chest. Helene, Move 3 spaces to the Candy Castle
Can you figure out what game I played? Because I sure as hell can't. 

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How was your weekend?
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