Well, let's dive in! Like I hinted at on Friday, I'm taking a big leap. I've decided to open up a consulting service to bloggers and businesses. I think I'll be a bit different from other consultants. Yes of course, we can chat about the blogging community, how to gain followers and structure posts; but I'm also going to jump into the technical side as well: Social Media, Analytics, and SEO.
A few weeks ago I was approached by a small company in Dallas to help them gain momentum on social media. It went really well. So I thought I could help others.
My passion is blogging so I wanted to start by opening the doors to bloggers!

Blog Consultation
Why should you work with me?
have been working in social media, online advertising, and marketing
for the past 5 years. I've been writing my blog for the past two years-
growing and cultivating an online presence and community. I want to help
you do that too. I am certified in Google Analytics and Adsense and my
job is to study the trends of how to grow your online presence. So let's work together!

We will have a one on one hour (ish) long chat through Google Hangout or Skype
about your blog. I will research your blog beforehand, send you a short questionnaire, and we will talk
blog strategy, social media, how to grow your blog, create your brand,
and really anything you want to work on! I can help you with SEO, analytics, monetization and how to work with brands. 
This is great for beginners and seasoned bloggers alike. At the end of the session you will be sent a recap with an outline of strategies. 


month you can join the group blogging session. There will be a new
topic each month and you will be part of the discussion. After the group
chat it will be discussed on my blog the next day along with a link to
your blog! Topics will be announced each and every month on my blog and
guest speakers will be asked to join as well. You can join once or every
month for new information. Spots are limited so sign up! Topics will
include: SEO basics, Social Media, Blog Design. (These sessions will be
an hour and a half)
First month will be just with me. We will talk all about Social Media!


The first one will take place Wednesday, September 3rd at 8pm Central Time. BOOKED! I've added another date: September 17th at 8pm Central Time.

Since this is brand new ALL sessions are 25% off with code “CONSULT”.

All options have also been added to my Sponsor page and are available now for purchase!  
If you're in the Dallas area and want to meet face to face that can be arranged as well. 

Full details of all options can be found on my consult page.

I'm really excited to start this and hope you'll join me!

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