So Kaitlyn at Wifessionals told me about a link up where I can be ridiculous and … She had me at ridic. It can be weird- check. Funny- hopefully check. And just plain out there…double check.
 Mine is probably going to be weirder than everyone else's and I am going to be feeling like a freak. Oh well. Sorry I'm not sorry.
Here's what I am getting everyone for Christmas:
My sister has been hankering for a kitten.
A new car, for my dad (he has a '98 accord that litterally coughs and whenever he goes over a bump the music turns up). He'll be riding dirrrty in this one.
And this just happened,  like 10 mins ago. My husband bought a $500 cowhide rug that he told me to make sure the dog doesn't get a hold of.
Don't give me that look. You're in trouble. 
THAT just happened