Let's be honest. My Halloween was spent unlike any I've ever experienced before. Boring. Handing out candy to kids while the dog barked at them. Good boy, Hugo. I'm usually all dressed up, makeup hair, some cool costume.
I mean JK, NBD, whatevs. I like abbrevs.

What do you call a Ghost with a broken leg?
A Hoblin Goblin.
Or in my case, a witch.

I told everyone my walker was my flying contraption. They didn't care because they were between the age of 5 and 10.
Minimal effort at it's best. The hat was purchased for $2 today at Kroger. 

My husband was Fonzie. And a pretty good one.
It always makes you feel successful when your husband has a more creative costume than you do.
Even Hugo's costume was better.
He's a Lobstahh! And the cutest one ever.
Here's my beef. Kids come in their costumes that they purchased from Target and those pop up Halloween shops. Where is your creativity? My mom used to say it's more fun to make it! I don't know if it's more fun. But it's certainly more rewarding and you look DIFFERENT from everyone else. Except if you're an adult. I mean. I bought this one year…
Note that I am on the left, not the tall thin hottie on the right.
AND sometimes people wear things that are just too weird. I don't think Halloween is about really puzzling people. I'm all for creativity, but if you are something to do with science or math just leave. Or maybe I don't get them:
I just want people to be creative without being too weird. Is that so hard to ask???
Except when I wore this:
First, I know that's the coolest mesh top you've ever seen. But I was supposed to be “Blondie” but I didn't put enough effort into. Like most of the things I do in life. 
But here are some of my favorites I saw on Facebook, Instagram and those that came to my door:
Why am I not wearing this?
Clearly these people are awesome, she even rocked the ring:
Prince William and Kate “caught sunbathing”
Umm yes, I don't care about the guy. Franzia. The best cheap wine money can buy. I'm known for bringing Franzia to parties. I'm classy like that.
via my friend's instagram
Binders on Binders on Binders
RIP Big Tex. In case y'all don't know I am a fan of the State Fair of Texas. But Big Tex recently went up in flames. But this idea is the bomb:
via mi amigo's instagram 
and Look at this sweet pumpkin:
One of my friend's coworkers did this. Pretty delish looking, in a weird way.
Megan!! whoo! I'm emailing you girl!