Yesterday I got to go on a blate (blogger +date) (blog +meet) whatever, a blate with Amber and Neely!
If you aren't reading their blogs: Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup, you are missing out so get your butt over there and do it. You probably are though. But just in case, check.

Hi again.

Anyway, I was sooooo excited and nervous to meet with them, they are a LOT cooler than me. 
But I did pick up some etiquette along the way for a first blate:
1. Put on deodorant. You really don't want to smell. Also, change out of the shirt you slept in. 

2. Practice your smile, you don't want to scare them. You need to appear normal. 
That one is scary, try another.

3. Tweet about the fact that y'all are meeting. Make others VERY jealous.

4. Arrive on time or early, you don't want to be late. Duh.

5. Talk about blogging. Talk about other bloggers. Talk about your lifestyle/fashion/boys.

6. Be NICE.

7. Get a pic of you all together. So you can blog about it later.

But truly, this was a great experience. They could not have been nicer to me. And I LOVE them!
It is amazing the things you find out you have in common. Like for example we all like Starbucks- how could that possibly be?!
I mean but seriously, I think blogging brings people into your life that you might never have met before, people you can really bond with and I am so happy I got to meet these two lovelies.

Have you ever had a blate? What is proper blate etiquette?

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