Those that follow me know me as Do Dallas Cheap. You see, when I started the blog a year ago I thought that was what it should be. A blog about deals and cheap things to do in Dallas.

I took a break from blogging for 6 months and when I started to blog again I decided to post more about my life with a splash of deals. I knew this was truly my niche, my happy place if you will.

I started to really connect with the blog world. I have found friends from all over the country that I love to follow and am honored when I am followed back. I wanted my blog name to represent the real feel of what I post, even if it's hard to adjust. My blog is not really just centered around Dallas or deals (the main themes from my old blog name). So here I am as: Helene in Between.

I have been contemplating and bothered each night if I should change it or not. But I decided, yes I should. Helene in Between is a perfect fit: 25, married, no kids, trying to find out my path. What do I really want to do with my life? Where do I want to be/live/work in 5 or 15 years. I'm in between. 

I look forward to blogging every single day. I hope that you will continue to follow along. The only thing that I'm changin' is the name. Thanks for your support.

*** I will be leaving up Do Dallas Cheap as I transition, All links from Do Dallas Cheap will still come to so it will always be easy to find me!***