Oh how wrong people can be. The other day I was talking about feeling frumpy lately when a girl interrupted me and exclaimed, “You shouldn't care, you're married!!” 

It made me so mad. I looked at her square in the eye. Why? Why would I no longer care about my appearance just because I'm married?
2004 versus 2013

First and foremost I like to look good for myself. When I look in the mirror and feel unattractive I instantly get down. When I look good I feel better and I have more confidence.

Second, I like to look good for my husband. Yes we are married, I might not look my best every day or every week. But I like to show him that I still care about my appearance, as he should care about his too. I think married people should have passion and part of that is looking good for one another. I like to feel sexy and desired. 

Third, I like looking good for others. I'm 26 years old. And I'm not dead. I like compliments- who doesn't?! I'm not married to some jealous freak that gets mad if a guy talks to me at a bar or even buys me a drink. I'm a girl, and an ego boost never hurts. 
I know plenty of single girls that don't “get ready” every time they leave the house. That doesn't mean they aren't interested in men. It means they have a life. And a guy will still approach you even if you're not done up. Shocking, I know. 

Even though we are married and comfortable and I know he will love me no matter what, it's important to ME to look good. And looking good just doesn't mean the outside, but the inside too. I like to get dressed up for date nights and special occasions but sometimes I like to surprise him. Maybe one day he comes home from work and dinner is made and I have on a new dress. I would only hope he would do the same for me (which he does.) 

So please, don't tell me it no longer matters just because I'm married. It matters to me. And it should matter to you.