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YAY! Y'all know it's Halloween! The scariest day of the year. Here are some of my fave pins for the spooky holiday.

But first, thinking of all those affected by Frankenstorm.

I'm jumping on the Grease reference train.

She seems to be the only one having fun with this hurricane.
At Least Lindsay Lohan is worried:
She is a Brain isn't she? SALLY??
At least it gave us a break from the Politicians?

What are you planning to be?

Next Year I plan on going as this:

PSYCH! Never.

 For real, I would choose to be scissors, if any one gets too close, gurl I'll Cut them:

When kid's come to my door I plan on doing this:
Love these nails:
Looks like Candy corn! Which is good since I'll probably be eating a lot of that so it will blend in real well. 
These look easy and yummy.
Anything with oreos is OK with me.

And because of all this sweets eating, I'm going to need to do this:

I love these painted pumpkins. Although I'm not sure I am crafty enough for this:
Like the one with the portrait, is that a joke? who can do that? Oh artists

Here is my house….

Obviously not. This is about pinning. Duh.

+  Buzzfeed  posted 45 pictures of BROs getting scared in a Haunted house, this one is my favorite:

I can't do haunted houses. I went one time while I was dating my boyfriend senior year of high school (one day husband) and he and his friend snuck off to scare my girlfriend and I. I was mad and terrified. Merrified? can that be a new word? Long story short he's lucky I didn't kick him in the balls and break up with him. I have never been back to a haunted house again.

What are your Halloween plans?