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Instagram Story templates are a fun way for others to get to know you and actively participate in what you share. I wanted a way to make them more interactive and turn them more into a game. You can simply save or screenshot these templates and upload them to your Instagram Story.

I'm certainly not the first to come up with Instagram Story Templates but I wanted my own style, questions, and versions. Mine center on blogging and travel. Feel free to copy and paste any of these below and use them on your Instagram story to get the conversation started! I'll be adding more daily here and on my Instagram Story @heleneinbetween.

So, why use Instagram Story conversation starters? For one, people want to know more about you. They want to get to know the person behind the scenes. A great way to do this is with Instagram Stories.

To use:

  1. Save or screenshot the Instagram Story Conversation starters
  2. Upload to Instagram stories
  3. Add in your answers
  4. Add to your Instagram Story!

Make sure to tag other accounts and add your thoughts for others! This page will be updated regularly with more templates for you to use. So stay tuned!

Here are the Instagram Story Templates for you to download:

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I add new templates to my Instagram daily and here! Check it out and my answers at @heleneinbetween.