“You look tired.”

I'll never forget hearing those words. And maybe I was a bit tired, but I didn't need my skin to show it.

For years I just didn't get it. I went to bed with foundation and mascara still on, the remains settling into my pillow and my face. To be honest, I thought skin care wasn't necessary.

Now that I'm in my 30s my skin care routine is one of the most important parts of my day. When we hit our 30s genetic and environmental signs of aging start to appear. Ever since I made my skincare a priority I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. So, here's my skin care routine if you're in your 30s.

After all, your skin is your largest organ in your body, might as well take care of it.

If you've followed me for long you've heard me talk about Colleen Rothschild. I'm a little bit of a fan girl. I've been using this brand since 2016 and when I stopped using it when I moved abroad my skin just wasn't the same. As soon as I went back I realized just how wonderful these products are. Plus, it's based in Dallas, Texas, where I'm from!

These are my tried and tested products that I've used for years. And Colleen Rothschild is a cult favorite brand. She launched her company after working on the manufacturing side of skincare lines and has firsthand knowledge of what works, the right ingredients, and how to help women's skin.

These are my top Colleen Rothschild skincare products along with the order I use them.

Yes, Colleen Rothschild is not a budget brand. But I find the products last, travel well, are extremely well made, and my skin is something I want to take care of and invest in.

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My Night Time Skin Care Routine for my 30s:

1. Radiant Cleansing Balm

Is this some sort of magic?! This thick balm melts into your skin. I use this to take off makeup (even my hard to get off Lancome Mascara) or to cleanse my skin. After I scoop a dime size amount out of the jar, I smooth it over my face, then use a warm, wet cloth (included with the balm!) to wipe away the day. It truly feels like a mini at home facial.

It's gentle enough to use daily and effective enough to remove waterproof makeup. It always leaves my skin feeling baby soft- I hate that terrible feeling of dry and tight after using some harsh cleansers.

2. Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum

This serum is what I credit to helping my skin look fresh. It promotes cellular turnover which helps with acne and fine lines! This really helps to unclog my pores and reduce dark spots. I also find it really helps when my skin is irritated or I have bad allergies.

This is step 2 in my skin care routine and I apply this before moisturizers or serums.

3. Age Renewal Serum

All I need to tell you is that this fights SIX signs of aging. It restores my skin's complexion and reduces pores as well as increases elasticity. This is a concentrated formula that I immediately saw results with after a week of use. It helps to soften fine lines and feels like silk on your skin.

Other serums I've tried have been very liquid, this is almost like a lotion and works to penetrate and absorb into your skin. I also love the pump bottle so that I can get every last drop!

4. Complete Eye Cream

Crow's feet be gone. I love this eye cream because it's just one quick, easy step. This eye cream helps with wrinkles and under-eye circles as well as puffiness. I see results from this so fast! It comes in a small jar but such a little goes a long way – this one jar has lasted for over a year!

5. Face Oil No. 9

I put this on every night before bed. It's full of transformative oils and vitamins and is uber moisturizing. When I wake up my skin feels smooth and radiant. It's luxurious and instantly feels relaxing – like I can take the stress away from the day. It also smells like heaven.

I actually own a few backups because I can't live without this face oil!

This is it for my night time skin care routine!

My Day Time Skin Care Routine for my 30s:

1. Extreme Recovery Cream

This cream is so thick and wonderful. I've used other creams before and I feel like it's such a thin layer that doesn't really absorb into my skin. I have combination skin and this doesn't make me feel greasy- just soft, supple skin! You can use such a small amount and it penetrates into your skin

2. Triple Defense Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 40

I literally jumped for joy when Colleen Rothschild came out with a sunscreen. It's lightweight and absorbs quickly into your skin without any white residue. Sunscreen is SO IMPORTANT for protecting the health of your skin and keeping it youthful, longer.

Also absolutely no “sunscreen” smell. And it's 100% mineral sunscreen so reef safe!

3. Black Tourmaline Face Primer

I've never really found a primer that I like. This is it. It preps your skin before makeup application and helps create a protective barrier against environmental pollutants. When I put it on it truly helps my makeup last literally hours longer. I will sometimes throw this on and some powder for a “no makeup makeup” look.

That's it for the day time routine – quick and easy!

Now, if I want to take my skin care an extra step, say for an event or I'm having problem areas, here's what I love:

Clarifying Detox Mask – this charcoal mask helps to literally suck out dirt. This is perfect to really cleanse your skin and leave it feeling soft and relieved. Also works wonders as a spot treatment!

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads – It's like a spa treatment at home. This helps to brighten and smooth your skin. It's super effective and you'll notice that the moment you use them. The gycolic acid helps to reveal smoother, brighter skin and helps dramatically with hyperpigmentation.

Sheer Renewal Cream – if you need a lighter cream for the summer or day time, this oil-free, weightless cream is perfect! If I'm feeling already hydrated I'll smooth this on my skin- especially like this before makeup.

I'm always asked if I could only pick 3 products which I'd take on a desert island.

  1. Cleansing Balm – literally will not live without it.
  2. Face Oil No 9. – hydrated skin forever.
  3. Sunscreen – this is the best I've ever tried and something we should all use daily!

A bit about me: I'm 34 and have spent some teen years as a lifeguard and with baby oil in the sun… cringe!I feel like my skin has become a hue priority and I've noticed a huge difference.

If you want to try out some products and start your routine, the Discovery Collection is a GREAT idea! Try that right here.

I truly don't use any other skin care brand. I have tried dozens of others, but for the benefits, the price point, and the results, nothing beats Colleen Rothschild.

Read through the reviews on the products, people are just blown away by the results. Truthfully, I haven't tried a product I didn't love!

If you want to hear my skin care horror story, check out this post.

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