If you've followed me on Snapchat, you've heard me moan on and on about my skin. Since moving to Tennessee my skin started to freak out: super dry, red dots (not bumps! just overall redness) and my lips became extremely chapped. 

I've tried everything. (Seriously. I'll happily give you a full review). As someone who is pretty low maintenance when it comes to my skin, this seemed insane to me. 

I'll be honest, as a blogger, I receive a lot of skin care products to try. While living in Dallas I even got a customized skin care regimen calculated for my skin priorities. I wasn't impressed.

Recently, I tried Colleen Rothschild skin care. I am so blown away. This is hands down, by far the best skin care stuff I have ever tried. Not kidding. 

My mom always had gorgeous skin. Even at 60 her skin has that youthful glow. She claims it has to do with avoiding the sun, and not using harsh soap on her skin. “It just strips out the oils, then you have to put it all back with lotion and oil.” Basically, it defeats the purpose.

Well, guess what? Colleen Rothschild agrees. I don't know what you have going on, but you need to stop everything and buy their Radiant Cleansing Balm. I'm serious. It's a cleansing balm that dissolves eye and face makeup, clears your pores, removes impurities and makes your skin feel like a baby's butt. Really. 

I'll probably never use soap on my face again after the transformative effects in just a week. I have combination (oily and dry) skin that changes about as often as my moods. This stuff seems to work no matter which way my skin swings.

To go deeper, there's the Clarifying Detox Mask. This is a charcoal mask that acts like a magnet to draw out impurities and leave your skin more balanced. Despite having dry skin, I still get pimples (especially around my chin). This stuff does the trick. To go even further, there's the Dual Enzyme Polish, an exfoliator that sloughs off dull cells and leaves skin radiant. 

Here's a tip: if you have a pimple, put a bit of the mask on it overnight and watch it shrink away. #InsiderSecrets

At night, I've been using the Face Oil N°9 to give my skin extra moisture, followed by the Extreme Recovery Cream. This thick cream envelopes my skin in moisture while strengthening.  In the morning I use the Radiant Cleansing Balm, then a bit of the Extreme Recovery Cream.

The oil leaves my skin feeling silky soft. Even my makeup looks less caked-on and dry. Overall, this transformed my skin in a matter of just days.

When I first started this product, I asked a friend, a registered esthetician, to take a look. She wanted to try it to give it a full review. A few days later she called to report she bought the full line. “It's that good.” I agree. It's a luxurious experience for all skin types.

No, this isn't inexpensive (however compared to name brands, this is well below what you'll pay). But, for my money, it's the best. As I age, I know that what I put on my face (and hair) becomes more important. Plus, I've found that with this stuff, a little goes a long way. 

I know it seems like I am gushing over this skin care but that's only because I have never seen results like this before, and so fast. I just purchased the Complete Eye Cream. I'll let you know the results, but for now, I'm a believer.

Colleen Rothschild is kind enough to give my readers an exclusive discount. Use code “HELENE20” for 20% off products on their ENTIRE site! Hurry, this offer expires 4/22/2016! 

Colleen Rothschild sponsored this post, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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