I've gotten a few Snapchat requests to show y'all what I do as far as everyday makeup. Which is surprising because I feel like normally on Snapchat I look like a hag  (to see more, follow @helenesula) awkwardly talking to my phone in the Target parking lot. 

But anyway….

A few months back I was wanting to switch up my makeup a little bit, so I headed to Ulta to get an expert opinion. They redid my makeup and I really liked it and bought most of what the lady sent over to me, which was mostly Too Faced products. So far, I love them. But I'll be giving you my opinion about each one. 

So I wash my face in the morning and at night, lately, I've been using Tula products. They are pH balanced and hopefully helping rid my face of its redness. Also, I mentioned on Snapchat these weird dots, hopefully helping those go away too! The purifying face cleanser is really gentle and removes makeup. So far, love it.

As for makeup, I start with a primer. If I can be 100% honest with you, I have no idea if primers really work. This one smells like coconut and feels really smooth plus it's hydrating. It's also not oily. 

Then I'll do foundation. I'm using Born This Way foundation in the lightest shade because I'm so pale it's scary. I do like this foundation, but it's pretty full coverage. I think I prefer It Cosmetic's CC cream. I've also blogged about that one (and my summer make up routine) here.

Since I have huge bags under my eyes, I use Tarte's Maracuja creaseless concealer. I love this stuff, and the color is so so good. It's not overly white like a lot of concealers. Sometimes if I feel like my bags are really big, I'll do some color correcting with Benefit's Lemon-Aid eyelid primer.

Then I set my makeup using Too Faced's Cocoa Powder Foundation. I also love this stuff because on days I'm running low on time, I can just swipe this on.

Now I bronze it up. For the longest time, I was using bronzers WAY too dark for me. I also thought anything with a slight sheen to it would make me look like I was wearing too much makeup. Then I discovered the Sun Bunny Bronzer. I am obsessed.
It's a warm shade without being orange on my fair skin. It's really natural looking, and I highly recommend. Also works well for contouring. I use this large angled brush. Also love this one.

Then I use the Mary Kay brush (here's a similar and less expensive one) and this coral colored blush. I LOVE this color. It's in the shade “I will always love you” again, from Too Faced. I swear this isn't sponsored. I just happened to like everything they used on me!

I'll sometimes do a quick highlight (using the same Mary Kay brush) on the top of my cheekbones with Too Faced's Candlelight Glow. Sometimes I'll dust this on my eyes as well. As you can see, there are no eye products such as eyeliner or eyeshadow because I just don't usually mess with that.

I use two mascaras. One is my favorite of all time, the best stuff ever and it's inexpensive: Loreal's Double Extend Mascara. This is my holy grail product. I have been using this for FOREVER. Don't believe me? Check out this very poor excuse for a post when I first started blogging. Don't mind the pictures, we all gotta start somewhere. If I'm really feeling sassy (see also, all the time) I'll do a second coat of Mascara with It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Extensions Mascara – they have little fibers in them!

Now, you know I LOVE me some lipstick. I am obsessed. The amount of lipstick I have in my drawers is actually insane. My all time favorites are the “matte” ones from Maybelline. I think I have almost every shade now. (Nope, not joking.) My current fav is “blushing pout”. I also bought Too Faced Melted lipstick in “chihuahua” and it is such a natural color.

There you have it! My makeup routine. It's clear I like the Too Faced products… Do you have a fav makeup brand or holy grail product I need to try?

Today is day 4 of the #7in7Challenge on Instagram! Check out day 1, day 2, day 3. Today's prompt is:

And today's prize?! A gift card to Ulta! So you can get your fav products!

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