It’s here, the most important post you’ll read this season: the best candles for fall. Or the best Fall scented candles? Either way, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re after the perfect pumpkin scent, want to feel like you’re among the crisp changing leaves, need a more masculine smoky vibe, or crave a warm vanilla ambiance, I’ve found the best candles ever.
As I’ve grown older, candles have become more and more important in my every day life. I think scents bring a huge wave of memories and nostalgia. Which is why I have a candle collection of nearly 50 (yes really) candles. To me, fall scents are definitely the best and I am eager to light them up no matter the season. So grab a pumpkin spice latte, a chunky sweater, and let’s light it up (sorry, had to go there).
When we first moved my mom came and visited and she asked if she could bring anything over from the US. I asked my mom for just two things: salsa and Bath and Body Works Candles. Little did she know both these items would be particularly heavy and her suitcase broke on the way over. My sweet mom lifted her suitcase up over stairs and all the way to our home in Germany. But I had to have my Fall scented candles!
I’m giving you full permission to start burning your Fall scented candles now. If Starbucks can come out with the fall drinks, we can burn the fall candles.

Best Fall Candle

I am super biased here, but this candle is MAGIC. It’s like a rainy, cool day that alights your senses and helps you to think more clearly. I’m so confident you’ll like this candle, I’m willing to be you’ll FALL in love. Get it? But for real. This candle literally transports you to the most perfect autumnal day.

I created Nostalgic Candles to help transport you to places and feelings. English Countryside does just that. I’ve never had anyone NOT fall in love with this scent. And one thing I crave is being able to be transported to that perfect place. All with a whiff. Check out English Countryside here! and


Best Pumpkin Scented Candle for Fall

Tie!! Anthropologie Pumpkin Clove and Target Pumpkin Spice

Last year I would have easily told you the Anthropologie Pumpkin Clove was the best pumpkin scented candle or even the best smelling candle of all time. It’s very strong and leaves your entire home smelling fantastic. I especially like to burn this when company comes over. In addition it comes in a gorgeous glass jar with a gold lid.  But at $32 a pop, it’s kind of expensive.
And then… Target came out with a pumpkin spice candle to rival the Anthropologie one. They smell eerily similar. Both have a creamy pumpkin scent with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon. But would they burn the same? I put it to the test and both are very strong scents that fill your whole house up with a fragrant, calm aroma.
I’d say the Target one is slightly sweeter while the Anthropologie is more spicy. The Target one is only $12 so a great deal!
These are two of the best fall candles out there.
The Target Candle also comes in a pumpkin jar– too cute to pass up!

Runners up for the best pumpkin candles

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Vanilla Crème

I adore vanilla, it’s my go to scent. But come Fall I need pumpkin in my life. This is the perfect combination. This is a new scent for 2020 and has become a quick favorite. Also pictured, my favorite gold wick trimmer – a must for any candle lover.

Thymes Heirlum Pumpkin Gold Candle

I found this on Amazon and the pretty jar made my buy it. But the scent is so good! It’s pumpkin mixed with caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon that is extremely fragrant. It’s a decadent and rich and perfect for autumn. Bonus points for being on Amazon prime!

Nest Pumpkin Chai

I love the scent of chai and it’s rare to find this is a candle. Adding in the classic pumpkin smell with cardamom and ginger, it’s a nice candle that’s perfect for everyday.

Best Bath and Body Works Fall Candles

Bath and Body works has such a great selection of candles for all the seasons, but they really shine for fall. Their 3-wick candles are some of the best candles on the market and since they are made with essential oils and will burn for up to 40 hours, you know you’re getting a good deal. Also, if you order and anything is wrong with your candle they will immediately send you a new one, no questions asked. I have quite the collection of Bath and Body Works candles so it was really hard to narrow it down, but I did it! Here are the best:

Sweater Weather

The strong scent of woods and sage make this one of my all time favorite candles, no matter the season. This scent makes me want to put on a chunky knit and cozy up with my favorite book. I think this scent also works really well for both men and women and isn’t overly sweet. To me, this is a nostalgia candle that makes me dream of the first days of Fall, heading to school in my uniform or attending a Friday night football game. Sigh.

Marshmallow Fireside

Is this a winter candle or fall? I don’t care. It smells too good for me to worry about silly things like that. It’s sweet and smoky and makes you feel like you’re outside. I love this candle so much I make sure I always have a few around, just in case.
I love their marshmallow flavors. There is a marshmallow pumpkin latte scent that I have in a cream, spray, and shower gel and I WISH they would come out with it in a candle. They do have vanilla pumpkin marshmallow which I also love!


The perfect fall candle. It’s a warm and inviting scent of foliage and earthy tones mixed with spice that make this a staple for me every season. It's the perfect candle for a cozy autumn night and is refreshing but strong.

Hot Cocoa and Cream

This candle is shockingly good. It smells like you’re actually baking brownies! Also, it’s a great scent to transition from Fall to Winter. Find it here and here.

The Perfect Autumn

This is a lighter scent that’s really different from the above. Made with cranberry, spiced pumpkin, clove, and apple, this is a great mix and a sweet scent. This is different from my normal overly sweet scents so a great pick!


Fall doesn’t always mean pumpkins. A good, rich mix of bergamot, mahogany, and musk to make an easy to burn candle. If you don’t want anything too sweet or spicy this is a great pick.

Vanilla Bean

If you want a great transitional scent that still has the sweetness of summer plus the richness of fall, I love this one. I think everyone can agree on vanilla!

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

If you like syrup-y sweet than this is the scent for you! Sprinkled with pumpkin spice and brown sugar, this will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Paris Café

I almost didn't buy this one because I was skeptical of the coffee scent. I'm SO glad I did. A mix of fresh roasted coffee and vanilla make this one of my favorites. It's so different from everything else and gives the whole room a warm vibe. You could easily burn this year round. Even though I'm not a big coffee drinker, this one is so easy to burn. My parents are coffee fanatics and I gave them this as a gift and they loved it. I also love the packaging!

Other Best Fall Scented Candles

There are tons of great brands out there, here are some of my favorites.
Not only is this a pretty candle, this forest centered candle also has notes of cedar and vanilla that make it a sensual and woodsy scent. It’s a very clean scent to go along with the other more rich scents.
This is definitely a luxury candle (it runs for $68!) but makes a great gift and the scent is beautiful: berries, roses, and blackcurrant leaves.
With refreshing orange blossom, pomegranate, and maple leaves, this is the perfect transitional fall candle. It’s light and airy.
The reviews are crazy good (4.5 stars out of nearly 500 reviews). Caramel butter, cinnamon, a hint of orange, and apple make this a beautiful scent.
If you like mason jar candles and fun sayings, there are plenty to choose from here. This shop has stellar reviews and tons of scents to choose from. I like the caramel popcorn!
This old fashioned candle is so pretty (and different) as is the scent. This is a hand poured soy wax candle in a vintage glass that would also make a great gift. Rich and earthy!
An Amazon find that fills the room with hot cider as if you just came in from apple picking! With a hint of cranberries and orange this is a beautiful home scent. Plus, I love the jar and handwritten lettering. These are all hand poured candles.

Other candle necessities I love:

– It really does help cut down on the soot, smoke, and popping when you use a wick trimmer.
Cute safety matches – these are too adorable and great to set out. They come in a chic, rustic glass jar that's perfect for your table.
Candle holder – sometimes you want to display your candles to go with your setting. I love these candle holders
If you’re in the mood for leaves, hay rides, and apple picking, these scents will make you feel like Fall is here! Which one is your favorite?
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