Europeans always look put together. Whether it's a drape-y scarf, some structured leather boots, or some tailored jeans, they make frolicking through the city look like they're walking on a catwalk. I find that packing is one of my favorite sports (can we call it a sport yet?) and I always make sure I can fit everything in a carry on whether it's a 10 or 2 day trip. My main goals are to feel cute and comfortable. Since it's not acceptable to dress like an actual pumpkin, I've got you covered for what to pack to Europe in the Fall.

What to Pack for Europe in the Fall

Autumn is the best time in Europe, or anywhere to me. There are still flowers blooming, it's less crowded, you can wear boots and long sleeved tees, and feel the chill in the air whispering that Christmas is around the corner.

Jeans (under $40) // Turtleneck // Bandana

So what should you pack for Europe in the Fall? And how can you blend in seamlessly with other fashionable Europeans? Of course, there are all sorts of weather from the warmer south to the chillier north and Icelandic countries. Whether you're traveling around a lot, or just staying put, layers are your friend when it comes to European Fall fashion. Whether you're corn-fused about what to wear or are wondering what will look gourd-geous, these Europe Fall fashion staples will leaf you smiling. Okay, I'm done with the puns. Maybe. Here are my Fall travel staples for traveling in Europe.   I have tons of Fall guides on the blog! Check out these posts: Best Places for Fall in Europe Best Fall Festivals in Germany Best Destinations to Travel to in Europe for 2020


Smart packing can go quite a long way. I recently packed for a 7 day Austria trip in which I needed business attire, casual, skiing, hiking, and nights out. It wasn't easy to fit it all in (and my tripod too!) but laying everything out really really helps. Here's the ultimate guide to packing like a travel blogger that will help you fit it all in. What you have to remember, no matter what countries you're traveling to, is that layers are key. Temperatures can change on a dime and you don't want to feel hot indoors or chilly outdoors. Sample outfit: Hat (similar here) // Choker // Cardigan  (under $35!) // Tank // Leggings // Cross Body Bag // Boots (under $72!)


It's necessary to bring a good jacket when traveling Europe. Southern Europe isn't freezing yet, so you can get away with a lightweight jacket. But for the northern countries you'll need to bundle up. I like a good lightweight jacket, rain coat (a MUST for Europe) and/or a puffy coat if you know it will be colder. Pictured below I'm wandering around Mosbach, Germany in this lightweight sheepskin jacket that can easily be tied around my waist if need be. Sample outfit: Gray Sheepskin Jacket (only $30!) (similar) // Green Sweater // Black Jeans


One of the best ways to up your look is by adding some accessories that will take you from casual to dressy. You can get away with bringing a lot fewer clothing items if you pack some accessories like scarves, hats, belts, and jewelry. If you simply have NO room, remember a bold lip can totally change your look. Check out my travel beauty staples here. I also highly recommend a crossbody bag. You don't want to mess with lugging a huge purse around or deal with one falling off your shoulders. I've had this one for years and it hold up so well. Sample outfit: Dress // Scarf // Necklace // Lipstick

Dress it up

I will always bring a dress. You can add a belt, tights, a t-shirt underneath, or a cardigan over it and it becomes to versatile. No matter the weather, a dress just works. Plus if you need to go out to a nice dinner this makes it easy to dress up. Sample outfit: Overall dress // tights // shirt // tennis shoes My most used item of clothing are without fail my white Adidas. They are comfortable for walking, yet somehow go with EVERY outfit. I have probably worn them 178 times just this Fall alone. Find a pair of shoes that you like, that go with everything, and make it your staple shoe.

Sample suitcase

Here's a look at what I might pack for a typical trip. Everything can be mixed together and I always make sure to have a pop of color (the mustard yellow in this case). I rarely ever wear heels, so some booties or flats are perfect if I need to dress it up a bit. With just these pieces below I have 10 outfits! And YES this all fits into a carry on.

White Cami // Gray Cardigan // Sweater

Leggings // Dress // Jeans

Striped Shirt // Belt // Scarf // Necklace

Adidas // Lace up Flats // Booties

I hope this will help you pack for your next trip. I always like looking cute, but I think it's essential to pack light so I can focus what I really want to be doing: seeing the world! Grab my packing list below so you won't forget a thing. I've also included some of my tech favorites like my lipstick charger (total phone saver), backpack, and more.

Free packing checklist

Absolutely everything you need to take on a trip.

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