Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram

If you want to be found on Instagram organically, one of the best ways to do it is with hashtags. Especially while you're traveling and sharing photos to Instagram, you want to be able to quickly share some of the best IG hashtags so your photos will instantly be seen.

I've got the 15 best travel hashtags to use on Instagram that you can simply copy and paste whenever you need to share!

Using Instagram hashtags is a lot like SEO (Search Engine Optimization, aka when someone finds a blog post on Google!) for a blog, when you use them correctly, the more likely you are to be found, gain engagement, and followed.

I've been using hashtags for years to be discovered on Instagram and have more people see my photos and videos. Just take a look at the engagement on this post:

Over 100,000 accounts found me using hashtags! They are an absolute great way to gain engagement and followers on Instagram

I find it so interesting how people share photos online: their perspective, the places they travel, and the food they eat. One of the best way to see these images is Instagram. I feel like I get a glimpse of your travel destination.

One of the best ways to be found organically on Instagram is to use hashtags. You're able to connect with others online while also seeing others points of views. To get in the spirit, here are 15 travel hashtags to use for your next adventure.

Using travel hashtags is not only a great way to grow your Instagram engagement, it's a wonderful way to get connected with others! Using the right hashtags helps YOU be found by the right people. So make sure you're using the right ones.

Travel Hashtag Strategy

What you want to do is share hashtags that other people might use as well. I suggest using a variety of hashtags: some with high competition (meaning, lots of people are using them on Instagram), some with mid-range to low competition (meaning hashtags that lets people are using but it's still active), and hashtags related to what you are sharing (location, what you're showcasing, etc.)

I like to use hashtags that pertain to the place I'm in. For instance, #30A is the scenic highway along Florida's coast or #expatblogger if I'm talking about something about my life abroad.

Best Travel Hashtags

Below I'm going to give you 15 of the best travel hashtags along with even more ideas for you to find the best hashtags for Instagram. These are absolutely the best travel hashtags around!

Feel free to copy and paste these!

Location tags

I recommend looking generally at the hashtags on Instagram. For example, if you're in Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik look up #Dubrovnik and #Croatia and see what other people are using. So you might find:

#croatia #dubrovnik #croatiafulloflife #kroatien #ceostagram #croazia  #adiraticsea #gameofthrones  #kroatia  #dalmatica #visitcroatia #lovecroatia

Female Travel Hashtags

Again, think of a hashtag that you might use for a female travel blogger or Instagrammer. How about #travelgirl? This is a broad one, so let's dig deeper on this and find better hashtags that might help us be seen:

#dametraveler  #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #mytinyatlas #theprettycities  #sheisnotlost   #ladiesgoneglobal #traveldeeper #travelgirlsgo #girlsdreamtravel #globelletravels #sidewalkerdaily #girlslovetravel  #femmetravel  #thetravelwomen #travelgirl

IG hashtags for the wanderluster

We need some hashtags for our general traveling and wandering, these are some of my favorites:

#theglobewanderer #letsgoeverywhere #instapassport #abmtravelbug #travelstoke #openmyworld #tasteintravel #lonelyplanet#letsgoeverywhere #tlpicks #flashesofdelight #visualoflife #roamtheplanet #exploringtheglobe #guardiantravelsnaps

Hashtags for Travel Bloggers

Let's say you want people to read your blog post on a destination or connect with other travel bloggers? These travel hashtags are some of the best.

#travelwriter #writetotravel #femaletravelblogger #ilovetravel #passportready #instavacation #instatravelling #arountheworld #getaway #wanderer #postcardsfromtheworld #travelblogger #travelphoto #travelpics #travelblog

Travel Hashtags to Be Featured

If you want to be feaured on bigger accounts then you can use their hashtags so that your account will be featured on theirs. This is called “regram.” Make SURE they ask for your permission!
#iamtraveler #cntraveler #bbctravel #guardiantravelsnaps #tasteintravel #cnntravel#beautifuldestinations #mytinyatlas #guardiancities #tlpicks #forbestravelguide #bestdiscovery #beautifulmatters #travelgirlsgo #travellingthroughtheworld #discover_vacations #livetravelchannel #theprettycities #topeuropephoto #prettycitylondon #lonelyplanet  #huffposttravel #welltravelled #cbviews #doyoutravel #places_wow #darlingescapes #seemycity

Inspirational Travel Hashtags

We can all use some hashtags to connect us with the travel community, these are great to use for almost any of your pictures:
#traveldeeper #travelstoke #tasteintravel #mytinyatlas #tlpicks #bbctravel #dametraveler #lonelyplanet #darlingescapes #doyoutravel #livetravelchannel #cntraveler #travelawesome #traveltheworld  #traveladdict #postcardsfromtheworld #travelandlife #athomeintheworld #travelpics #travelblogger #travelblog #travelbug #passportready #travelphoto #ilovetravel #letsgoeverywhere #travelstroke #igtravel

Travel Hashtags in Action

Let's see what kind of content you can create around these travel hashtags!

1. #DarlingEscapes
One of my all time favorite travel accounts is @doyoutravel. Absolutely vivid and stunning imagery, this photographer has an eye for the perfect blues and whites of a beach. #DarlingEscapes is the perfect general hashtag to use to capture your adventures.

Spent our morning exploring the streets of Mykonos – Greece

A photo posted by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on


A great hashtag for, well, women! This one seems to show off both adventurous and far off places. Use it any time you're traveling!


3. #TravelGram
A great hashtag to use any time you're out exploring.

4. #LoveToTravel
Share your love of traveling with others that share in your sense of adventure.

A photo posted by #SidewalkerDaily (@sidewalkerdaily) on May 31, 2016 at 5:18am PDT

5. #TravelDiary 
A great hashtag to use to document your escapes.

6. #ViewFromTheTop
This is hashtag perfect for your perspective. I LOVE looking at the shots using this hashtag.

A photo posted by Erica Choi (@eggcanvas) on May 30, 2016 at 8:42pm PDT

7. #SimplyAdventure
Perfect for your adventurous side.

8. #ABMTravelbug
I love ALLLL the “A Beautiful Mess” hastags. They seem to work so well and sometimes they'll regram you!

We dream in pink ? with #travelgirlsgo @notjessfashion

A post shared by Travel Girls (@travelgirlsgo) on

9. #WeAreTravelGirls
Another great hashtag to use for girls!

10. #DameTraveler

A great hashtag to use for any pretty travel pics.

Not just a travel hashtag, but usually works for all your travel snaps.

12. #OpenMyWorld
The perfect hashtag to use while you're up in the clouds or have a great view.

13. #WheretoFindMe
A hashtag that captures the essence of where you are.

A photo posted by One Kings Lane (@onekingslane) on May 30, 2016 at 8:03am PDT

14. #MyTinyAtlas
Give us a little slice of your world using this all encompassing hashtag.

15. #BeautifulDestinations
I used this on my recent instagram and it's perfect for anything breathtakingly beautiful.


BONUS: #TravelInBetween

My favorite hashtag to use for pretty destinations!


Want some more hashtags I love? Here are some great ones for travel!

#passionpassport #theprettycities #hello_rooftops #topstreetphoto #traveldeeper #letsgoeverywhere #lifewelltraveled #discoverearth #tlpicks #landscape_lovers #earthfocus #worldcaptures #discoverglobe #earthstoke #getoutside #lonelyplanet #welivetoexplore #travelstoke #travelawesome


You can find even more hashtags with my free hashtag library below! See more of my adventures on Instagram, @heleneinbetween.
What hashtags do you like to use for travel?  Hope you use these for your next travel adventure!

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The ULTIMATE Hashtag Library!

Ultimate hashtag libaray imaeg

Literally 1,000s of hashtags broken down into categories!! One of the best ways to grow on Instagram is to use strategic hashtags to be discovered and gain likes and interaction. This ultimate list will help you gain followers and interaction, immediately!

Powered by ConvertKit

The ULTIMATE Hashtag Library!

Ultimate hashtag libaray imaeg

Literally 1,000s of hashtags broken down into categories!! One of the best ways to grow on Instagram is to use strategic hashtags to be discovered and gain likes and interaction. This ultimate list will help you gain followers and interaction, immediately!

Powered by ConvertKit

Thank you so so much for this helpful resources!! It really helps and applying these hashtags to my next post. XO, Ellese


The Wandering Rose

This article helped a ton when i first started travel blogging a few months ago <3 <3. Thank you so much! if anyone is looking for a more extensive list of helpful travel hashtags for instagram, I made a list of popular travel hashtags by region: https://www.eco-wanderlust.com/blog/2017/5/25/ultimate-list-of-instagram-travel-hashtags

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This post is PERFECT! I'm going away this weekend on a trip so it's perfect timing 🙂

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SO GOOD… I didn't know most of these! Adding to my hashtag arsenal now!

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Just reading about these travel hashtags has given me the travel bug (: Great compilation of hashtags!

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