I'm not a fashionista. I do appreciate the way I look when I travel and since I know I'm going to want a picture, I like to have some pieces on hand that are comfortable but still stylish. It seems there are two types of bloggers/influencers out there: those that wear gorgeous clothes that aren't relatable (i.e. heels in the desert) or those that just don't care at all. I'd like to help create a third category somewhere in the middle – functional and comfy clothes that still look cute. Here are my wear everywhere pieces that are the best clothing items for travel.

A bit about my background: I am primarily a blogger but also like to share pictures of myself in the frame on Instagram. I believe that some pieces are totally worth it (for example, the Patagonia pull over I've had for four years) but most name brand items are not. I'm going to focus ONLY on clothing I have owned for more than one year. That way you know it's the real deal.

Wearing in photo: hat // white longsleeve tee // dress // sneakers

Something else you should know: I always carry on. That means I pack light and try to pack things that are versatile enough to wear to prepare for the temperature roulette my destinations offer. I consistently bring these necessities because I know they will hold up, keep me cool, warm, or dry. These clothes will stay classic forever, plane and simple. See what I did there?

The Best Clothing for Travel


Shoes –  In almost every single full body shot of me you will see two white feet on the bottom. I love my Adidas because they go with EVERYTHING. You don't have to go with this specific brand, but having a good pair of walking shoes is essential. Plus the white goes with everything I wear.

Leggings – I have tried probably 100 different brands and types of leggings. The Zella Live in Leggings are the best. They are not see through, they are comfortable, moisture-wicking, and also super flattering. Buy them. Buy 10 of them. I also really like these from Hue. A good back up pair!

Pull over – I went back and forth so many times over whether or not to buy a Patagonia pull over. But now I've had this exact one for four years. This seems to last so long and is great quality. I've taken it in the Alps, hiking in Ireland, a cool desert night in Morocco, and just hanging around the house in Germany. Highly recommend. You can also find the pullover in many colors here.

Go-to sweater –  I love chenille. It's one of my favorite materials because it's just so soft. I always get loads of questions when I wear this striped sweater and the best part is that it's cheap! This oversized chenille sweater is also a favorite of mine and is always in stock.

Jeans – Everyone has their go-to jeans. I like mine a little bit high-waisted but not too much, stretchy but still structured, and skinny at the ankle. These skinny jeans fit the bill and are under $40.


The perfect t-shirt – You need a perfect tee. This can be worn under a jacket, with jeans, under a dress if it gets cold, you name it. I adore this simple, ribbed long sleeve tee. It isn't see through (why are so many shirts see through?) and comes in a variety of colors.

Comfy dress – I always bring a couple dresses with me because they are easy to throw on, don't take up much space, and can be accessorized. This simple denim dress pairs well with everything and is versatile enough to wear throughout all seasons.

Coat – If you want the best coat in the world you can find it. But you'll pay for it. And you truly don't need it. Unless you'll be in the Arctic for days it's not necessary. You need a good coat that will keep you warm. I've worn my red down coat for a few years now and it always keeps me warm.

Jean jacket – Because a good jean jacket is timeless y'all. I like a loose fit with a classic wash. This is perfect for those surprisingly chilly flights or thrown over your evening gown. Basically, it works wherever your travels take you.

Jean shorts – Jorts are an essential in every girl's wardrobe. Whether you're headed to a music festival or to the laundromat denim shorts are appropriate attire. I've searched far and wide and these from Aglode are incredible. Relaxed fit with a button fly they make all of my dreams come true.


Scarf – It's always a good idea to carry a scarf to keep warm, keep the sun off your face, or jazz up an outfit. If it's cold I'll go with a thick wool scarf, if it's warm I'll opt for a silk scarf like this one.

Jewelry – There is always one thing I wear every day: my rings. I wear my wedding, a garnet ring on my left hand (my engagement ring is currently in a safety deposit box in Dallas because it's a 90-year-old heirloom and I'm scared something bad will happen to it while traveling), and my world map ring. I've had it since before I moved abroad and I don't think it's left my finger since. It's silver so it holds up no matter the conditions.

Bag – I swear by my simple Fossil Crossbody bag. It holds up during any kind of weather, like when you're at a music festival with 100,000+ people and it starts down-pouring and you're carrying your passports. For the record, they didn't get wet. And best of all, it goes with everything I own.

Camera strap – I carry my camera sometimes 12 hours a day. This is a big weight on my neck. I didn't really know how much I needed an ergonomically designed strap until I got one. And it changed everything. Mine is from FotoStrap and it even has my blog name on it!

Sunglasses – I believe in not spending too much on sunglasses but… it's also your eyes. Make sure they are polarized y'all. I like these from Ray Ban.

Hat – A hat never goes out of style. And it can really hide a mess of hair. I love a wool floppy hat because it works in warm and cooler environments.

So there you have it – my travel staples and essentials that pack easily and will hold up for years to come.

What's your fashion travel necessity?

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