“I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.” – Susan Sontag

When I'm traveling, I feel most like myself. The hustle of going somewhere new, the excitement, the rush… I crave it. I would like to think my passions in life are breaking into dance, eating cotton candy flavored shaved ice, going on hikes with the dogs, and traveling the world. I'd like to think of myself as a fairly well traveled person. It's not because I'm particularly wealthy, in fact, far from it. It's not that I have access to a plane or means of a vehicle; I just make it a priority.
Although there are a lot of places I still need to check off my travel bucket list, here are my top tips for saving money for travel:

1. Use a credit card that gives you rewards.
A lot of people are worried about credit card debt, but I treat my card like a debit card and never go over what I currently have in my bank account.

2. We buy flights ahead of time
We try to buy flights months in advance and keep an eye out on deals. We use our credit card rewards for the purchase or sites like SkyScanner to find cheap deals.

3. We eat cheap
One of my favorite meals of all time was when we were in Paris and we had a couple bottles of wine, cheese and bread from a local bakery and watched the Eiffel tower light up. We don't skimp on every meal, but we make conscious choices to not over spend when necessary.

4. We stay in hostels.
When we go abroad we stay cheap. Hostels
are totally fine- believe me! we use a site called to
find the best rates along with great reviews. We also stay in people's
homes using AirBNB. Afterall, we are going to see the world, not stay in
a fancy place.

5. Travel Light
I always use a carry on and the main reason is because it's a great way to save on fees at the airport. You really can carry everything you need for Europe for two weeks, I promise.

How do you save on travel?