Today Michael and I are leaving for Boston to visit our friend that is finishing up dental school there. This will be my second time there, and I have high expectations, since our last trip there was a blast. Michael and I are bringing a blow up mattress and we always carry on luggage so that means we had to split a backpack
for our carry on.

For most women this might be a nightmare to try and fit all of your stuff in half a carry on, but if you pack smart it's actually pretty easy.

First and foremost, get over it. You really don't need 5 pairs of shoes when you're gone for 4 days. Be sensible. Don't bring every mascara you own. Bring one.

Lay it out. I like to lay everything out so I can see what I have to work with and remove things I know I won't wear. I even make mental notes of what days I might wear what, so I know it makes sense to pack and not over pack.

Get a backpack. You know how much stuff you can cram in those things? A lot. I take only one carry on when I go to Europe for 10 days and that pack will hold everything.

The back pack I carry is by Outdoor Products at Walmart. Here is a good one as well.

Wear the bulkiest stuff on the plane. It's going to be cold in Boston (well colder than Dallas) so I'm wearing my jacket and jeans. I'm also wearing my tennis shoes because those would take up the most space in my bag.

Be low maintenance. My hair is pretty easy. Meaning I don't do anything except shower and spritz some leave in conditioner on it. I don't have to blow dry my hair. But especially on a trip I don't bring any heat styling products. If you really need them, invest in the travel size, or better yet, borrow them from the person you're staying with or ask the hotel.

Get your roll on. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them can help save space.

Clothing Staples. Bring clothes that you can wear more than once and that go with other pieces you bring. You can always add a scarf or bracelet to change up the shirt you wore two days ago.

Remove something. You probably over packed. So take one thing out, you might make room for something you really need or make the bag lighter.

Lobstah hat. No trip to Boston would be complete without a lobster (or Lobstah) hat. Make sure to make room for really important souvenirs, like this one.

Do you have any tips for packing light? What kind of packer are you?

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