5 Things I Did That Exploded My Blog

Let's face it: we all start out at 0. For the most part, all of us are on the same blog playing field when it comes to growing and establishing our online presence. When we start, we often wonder, what am I doing wrong? People might not be reading, or commenting, or following. But there are some definite things you can do right now to help with this.

Since September marks 5 years of Helene in Between, I wanted to share 5 things that I did that helped explode my blog. This helped to get me noticed, establish a community, carve out my passions, and created my blog what it is today: a full time job.

5 Things I Did that Exploded My Blog

1. Find your passion

It is my firm belief that if you aren't passionate about something, you simply won't do it. Is blogging fun for you? Are you enjoying it? Do you WANT to do it? You have to answer “yes” to those questions in order to continue it.

When I started this blog it was originally called “Do Dallas Cheap” and it rounded up the daily deals in Dallas. It felt like such a chore to write, and so I eventually quit that, and turned it into something I cared about. When I created Helene in Between, I fell in love. I wanted to write on it and I wanted to grow it. This totally changed the game for me, and my passion came out in my writing. It was no longer something I had to do, but something I couldn't wait to get to everyday.

Part of finding joy in blogging is being successful. Gaining and establishing a following, having people read your posts, and so on. That usually takes a little effort. If you're just starting, remember that we all struggle with this. So some tricks to find your passion: write in a way that others would want to read. Think about why you follow some other blogs. It probably isn't because you want to hear that they did the laundry. You do want to hear snippets of their life, but you also want to connect with them in some way. That can be because they taught you something new, made you laugh, kept your interest, or helped you discover yourself. Keep that in mind when you hit publish on a blog post.

2. Create a strategy

Now that you have a passion, it's time to plan. What do you want from your blog? Remember, this can change. It has for me multiple times. When I first started blogging I wanted a creative outlet and a way to connect. Now, my blog is still that, but it's also about building connections and profiting from my online business. When my plan changes, my priorities change. And I align my blog and posts to that strategy.

I'm not saying write down every little thing, but having an idea in mind of what you want from your blog, can help a lot. So, do you want more followers, to make money, to have millions read your work, to help someone? Whatever that is, write it down and create blog posts that are centered around your goals.

Along with this is planning. I do not plan out all my blog posts, although many bloggers do. I do however, believe in scheduling. I always felt so tied to my blog, but with schedulers I am able to beat that. I schedule my posts and social media, and this also helps me be more consistent (which also helps you grow!)  Here's how I schedule everything for my blog.

3. Link your social

When I find a new blog that I like, the first thing I do is to go follow them on Twitter. Just the other day I tried to follow this AWESOME writer. I searched all over her page, her “about me” and even her “contact.” And no Twitter was to be found.

She totally missed out on having me as a reader! I had no way of following her and therefore staying in touch. Now, I know not everyone is on every social media platforms. But the big hitters (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) should be on your blog. Here's why: it gives everyone the opportunity to follow you.

Lots of people tell me they don't want to start a Facebook page. They tell me their audience isn't there. They tell me that they will have “no followers.” Again, we all have to start somewhere. And, what if you are missing out on an opportunity for a post to go viral? They fact is, social media still plays a major factor in helping your blog grow organically, so I suggest having it.

4. Connect with others

Let me tell you this, if you don't listen to any part of this post, take note here. This is the end all be all for creating a successful blog and saving your sanity! Creating relationships with other bloggers helps widen BOTH your blog's online presence, so it's a win-win. Plus, you are able to connect and relate with someone else going through the same struggles you are.

Once you start connecting with others, you are able to grow your online community. These are the people that read your blog, comment on your posts, share your work, and maybe, buy from you. To me, this is the most important key to success.

Here's some ideas on how to connect with others. You can’t just wait for people to come to you, you need to be proactive. Search online, on twitter, on Bloglovin, for blogs with a similar feel as you have. Reach out to them. Comment on their posts. Tell them what you like.

I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it many times: the reason I have any sort of following if because I commented on blogs. I know it’s time consuming. I know you can’t always do it. But how does anyone know you care about their blogs unless you leave a comment? They don’t.

Here's how to grow and create a community for your blog.

5. Start an email list

Last year, around this time, I decided to blog full time. I had tried, and failed before. This time, I was equipped with an email list.

When you have an email list, it's the only guaranteed way to “own” your following. VERY recently, Pinterest was down. The whole entire site. So many people say that Pinterst is their biggest source of traffic. While it's huge… what if it went away? With an email list, you can always email your list and tell them about your blog posts.

Having a newsletter provides a way to communicate DIRECTLY with your audience, and on a more personal level. A newsletter or email list is one of the best ways I grew my following and, ultimately, made money online.

Here's exactly how to create an email list, from scratch.

The first year of my blog, I had around 10,000 pageviews a month. Now, I average 150-175,000. I have more followers and people are engaged. This, of course, took some time. But when you have a passion, some support, and some knowledge, you really can reach your goals.

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Thank you so much for writing this post! I’m trying to grow my blog and a lot of “how to grow your blog” posts are just SO affiliate link filled. I mean, I get it- they are practicing what they preach, but it’s nice to read a post that seems more authentically interested n helping others grow too!

Babbling Mom’s Life

This is such an inspiring post. I have always been on offense whether I should start my blog then I finally did.

Now I’m working on growing my following but the key points that you posted above are all true! I have been reading your blog ever since and it never disappoint when it comes to helping us grow ours ?

Myrrazen Kate Sabater Consulta

This is really helpful for a blogger like me. Thank you so much for the post!

xx Myrra, http://www.myrrazenkate.com

Thank you so much for this post! I am definitely going to take a lot of these tips and hopefully apply them to my blog.


Thank you for these lovely tips! I just started out and am still completely on ground level. I’m loving every step of it though. http://www.wildeyesblog.com/

I thoroughly enjoyed your advice. So many times I’ve tried reading others and there is so much empty information. Your was to the point and very informative. I thank you.

Thanks Helen for this post. This inspires me a lot. I am a new blogger and want to make it my fulltime. You have shared extremely helpful insights specially about creating a community by commenting. And now I know that bloglovin is awesome to find others. I write in mindyourbodysoul.com.

Thank you so much, such great tips! Hoping to find some blogs in my lifestyle/fashion niche to connect with!

Great post! I feel like I’m getting a handle on social media. I do need to work on connecting with more bloggers and building my email list. I’m still trying to figure out how to get everything done on a daily basis. Thanks for the tips!

This is really helpful info! I just started an email newsletter this last month, so I’m excited to see what sort of traffic and following it brings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Rae | Mindful Rambles

Carolyn McHenry Griffin

These were some great tips for boosting a blog page, I really needed to read this because I am stuck at the moment. Thank you for sharing.

These are some fantastic tips! You’re so right about connecting with other bloggers, I think the reason I discovered your blog was because Venus Trapped in Mars mentioned you a couple years ago in an article of hers I was reading!


Hi Helene, I just discovered your blog and so glad I did. Thanks for the blogging advice. My blog is finally up, and now I’m learning the writing, scheduling and social media aspect. Your articles are just what I needed. <3

Thanks for the Info and I would like to see More which can help my website slimmyzero.com

Thank you Helene for your insight and generous tips!

Thank you for this, especially since i’m just starting off. This helped steer me in the right direction

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Thank you so much Helen! I really appreciate these types of post! it’s a big motivation for me to try hard to get traffic for my website/blog! I just started out so im still learning, my website is mommykoala.com! Blessings to you!

Great post! Thank you for sharing this!

This is great information! Thank you.
I just started my own blog and I’m trying to learn as much as possible.
Wish me luck!


These are very useful tips for all online entrepreneurs. We are very glad you came to explore Europe. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this. For keeping your mindset focused to success visit us http://selfdevelopmenttools.com

Totally agree – it’s so frustrating to search around someone’s blog to find their follow icons!

Thank you Helene; appreciate your advice; I have 2 blogs but I don’t feel I am where I want to be. Your advice is helpful! Thank you!

Jeff & Donna Gordon

Thanks for this post Helene. I’m early in my journey, and I like to read about people that are having success. The points that resonated with me are the social media. I need to get a twitter page and facebook page for my blog, and also connecting with others through comments.

Hey! What a great and helpful post! I just startet my first blog in english (btw I’m german haha). So I needed some good tips on how to start a successful blog.
Have a great day 🙂
-> http://www.momentaryblog.blogspot.de

Thank you for your advice! I really need to work on setting up my email list.

Great advice! Thanks for sharing 🙂


Social media is huge! The moment i finish a post, I write social media posts, catered to the platform. It’s also a fun way to write more, if you ask me. This is an awesome post, and I’ve bookmarked your blog about free images.

Love this article! Finally someone who clearly summarizes some points for me to focus on with my new blog. I was mortified to realize I have spent all this time crafting social media profiles and then I didn’t even have a link anywhere on my website for people to follow me on them!!

I’m so glad to hear this! I really appreciate your feedback 🙂

Couldn’t agree more with these tips! i’ve just started up an email list and I’m hoping it will help out, brill tips! Emily x


Yes! I’m telling you, an email list is everything!

Yes to social media! Facebook and Pinterest can help bring lots of traffic to your blog. Currently, trying the email list. Not sure if this will be a success, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Great post, I am a fairly new beauty and lifestyle blogger myself and I am really struggling to get visitors. I will try some of your suggestions and see how it helps.

I love this post, I’m new to the community and this actually really helped me. I will for sure be trying my hardest to meet new bloggers! If anyone reading this needs some support or wants to meet new bloggers! I’m here! xx

Thanks for the advice! I ll try same of your advice and hope that halp me.

Thanks for all of the good information. I always forget to consistently comment on other peoples website but I am going to try and see if that helps my nonexistent traffic.

Thanks for the advice! I’m in the way beginner, like 40 views a day, baby steps with sherisesup.com lol. But I’ll be looking through your site to see what other tips you have! 🙂

This was incredibly helpful!

I love this post! It;s so true and finally someone said the truth that blogging is hard work. I will definitely listen to you cuz… it might help my blog,

https://www.facebook.com/philocaro/?ref=settings <— Mine!

Ashley Rainwater Bilbro

This is so so helpful! I am currently working on my first blog. I am planning on launching it on Friday but I am terrified the only person who will read it is my mom haha.

Thank you for sharing these tips, and your experience. 🙂 – http://www.genuinelifestylehub.com

Many of your tips I have tried with little to no success. I am not sure if it is me or if the climb is just really slow and I am really impatient. I will say that the email bit is really hard to accomplish. I added sumome to my site. We will see how that works. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

This is me. If you want to view my profile. ?

Hi Reginald, I looked at your Disqus profile and did not see your blog address listed there. You can add that, and a bio on your Disqus profile. Not that disqus drives a huge amount of traffic, who knows it it does, but that is the only info people see when you comment, if you comment on a blog that uses disqus.

WorldWideRegg Nash

I will update the profile. Thank you for letting me know.

So true about the name! I just started a complete rebrand because I fell out of love with my original name and plan.

Jessica Lynn Albee

I definitely need to get better at connecting with similar bloggers, I always forget to comment!

Love your blog! Following on bloglovin and just sumbled this post and the one on connecting with other bloggers. I feel it is the hardest thing for me to do so I really appreciated the link to the other post and all of the awesome tips like link up groups.

Malena Haas

I really want a website just like yours and with all the widgets and stuff but I have no idea how still after watching many videos. I currently have a free plan on wordpress for my blog but I want my own website like this one :/

I think I read a statistic somewhere, like over 1/3 of existing web pages are wordpress. Tim Ferriss uses wordpress. But the version of WordPress offered with a hosting service seems pretty good, it is what I use. I am not sure how the free version is different, but I thought in the free version you can not use ad’s right?

-Katie Lyn | Beauty and the Beaker | http://www.gotchaguys.com

Yes on the free version you cannot use ads or insert widgets. Im just wondering if i buy the middle package that I can make a website like this website. I want to be monetized and insert our widgets etc.

Most hosting services offer the wordpress install and once you instal that on the server that your host provides you can set it up and add widgets, ads ect. There is somewhat of a learning curve, but wordpress is, IMO, easier than creating a blog from scratch. I am wishing you well on your blog journey. I am just getting started too.

Thank you! I hope this will help me! I just started my blog about a week ago it’s called findthebeauty.wordpress.com 🙂

Meghan Weyerbacher

Great advice!

I have loved reading your tips on blogging for a living. I just recently (maybe just a month ago) quit my job so that I could travel and blog full time and honestly so far I have had the hardest time with it. I spend countless hours every day reading how to’s and writing and editing photos. I really found that your blog helped so much though! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

It’s funny how much participating in a community by being active on other’s blogs is now so crucial. I love it. It’s a win-win.

Cassie // http://www.wordsarelouder.com

[…] we have to help each other out. This very post itself is inspired by Helene in Between’s 5 Things I Did That Exploded My Blog. Helene doesn’t hold back her expertise and is always sharing the best advice. I highly […]

[…] we have to help each other out. This very post itself is inspired by Helene in Between’s 5 Things I Did That Exploded My Blog. Helene doesn’t hold back her expertise and is always sharing the best advice. I highly […]

Ejiroghene Pearl Mukoro

This was really helpful! I notice I get way more engagement when I take the time to comment on other people’s posts! I’m still a new blogger so I’m trying to get my social media presence down but I’m slowly getting there. Thank you!

Pearl || thepearlylife.wordpress.com

I agree wholeheartedly. I am on social media and that helps, but the one thing that really helped my blog grow is commenting on other blogs.
Sometimes I wonder whether this is because people who also have a blog is more willing to connect. I have posts on my blog which recieve great amount of traffic, but nobody ever leaves a comment, not even a like. Most of that traffic comes from social media. When I partecipate in blog hops, not only I get tons of traffic, but also tons of connections and interaction.

It takes time, that’s ture, but it’s totally worth it, in my opinion.

Great tips, I really need to start working more on my email list and see what to improve and hopefully it will progress a bit more, and social media too, being active on them is my next step.


Great thoughts! I know you posted this awhile ago, but it hits home for me as I’m right in that place where you mentioned – trying to narrow my focus and create a strategy that makes sense for me. It’s good to know that this is normal. Thanks!

Thanks so much for this advice!!! I feel like I got all the technical junk down. I now have established a set routine for my blogging. The only thing I need is to start building my audience. I am just so afraid to get out there on social media. I guess I’m nervous about what people will say or react? Hm who knows. Do you have any tips for social media alone? I have FB and Instagram… I follow you on both and snapchat!! LOL. I love your snaps, you are soooo down to earth…I love that!

Thanks for the info! I am learning how to grow my blog right now and will definitely start building relationships with other bloggers. Great post!

Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

Hi, I’ve just read this post and found it extremely useful – thank you! It’s good to read some tips that are more basic, instead of ones that are full of technical jargon. I’ve only been doing this a year so basic is good lol! I’d like to join some FB groups but I don’t blog as a personal FB page; my blog is a separate page. Is there any way I can join groups (like yours) as my blog page rather than my personal one? 🙂

Thanks so much!! so glad this was helpful! for Facebook groups you have to join with your personal account. Honestly, it makes sense that way. It’s just easier- you’ll see!

Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

So once I join a group with my personal FB, how do I direct people to my blog page? It’s my blog page I want people to read not my personal one…


These were very helpful tips. Thanks!!! 🙂 http://www.naturallyteighlored.com

Thank you for all the work u did. I like and appreciate your blog a lot.

Becca Horan Carnahan

Great post! I can’t believe I didn’t have Twitter in my About Me section, gah! Super helpful, thanks!
– Becca https://withloveandalittleselfdeprecation.wordpress.com/

This has been a really useful post for a new blogger hping t try and grow a blog they love seems like a challenge bu these tips hopefully will help. Erin
Vintage Haxs xx

Sue J (Suzy Homemaker)

I love your no-nonsene, easy to follow advice, especially about figuring out what you want from your blog (still don’t know) and taking the time to build your community. I take part in (relevant) Twitter hours, I leave comments on posts I love and I make sure I am “social” on social media. As you say, it is time-consuming, but it’s a great way to meet fabulous bloggers. Great to meet you Helene. Sue

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OMG I love your blog! The layout is so cute.
I tried starting a newsletter on MailChimp and it said ALL my subscribers were spam. I’ve only just started out. Really hurt :'(

Hey Helene! What email service do you like best?

Well-I’ll start with #4 right now! I loved this post, the style of your blog and writing, and the fact that you had the courage to up and move to a new country just…because!! 😀 That’s awesome! You’ll definitely be one of the bloggers that I follow from here on out and go to for advice. Bridget@ https://www.mustloveself.com/

This really helps A LOT! Thank you so much!

Also how did you create that great gif of yourself?!

Hey Helen! I love the name and logo on your Blog. It’s super cute. Anyway, This is great Advice. I am working so hard on my blog, I am putting EVERYTHING into it and some days I get discouraged. But I love your advice, especially the connecting with others and creating the email list. I Have read that time and time again so it must be true.
I wanted to ask about the comment below. Emily is commenting on using ” Real Hashtags “. Do you have a post on this? Where can I find a list of real hashtags? I use simple ones I thought were relevant but now I am beginning to question this. Thanks so much,
Kind Regards,
Toni at BlogBright.org

Girl my name is Helene!! With an e… like the blog name :). so glad you like the post! I have lots of posts on hashtags here: https://heleneinbetween.com/tag/hashtags i also have a post on how to make a gif haha: https://heleneinbetween.com/2013/05/how-to-make-gif.html

Thanks… Ohhhh so your name is Helene…even cuter! I Will check out the posts. I appreciate the info.

These are great tips. I plan to start on these immediately. I especially like the idea of the email list. I have been lazy about starting this but need to get on it asap.


I’ve been trying to grow my blog for about 2 months and haven’t seen any changes! Thanks so much for these tips, I’ll definitely try them out!


Thank you so much for this! I have been scouring Pinterest and the rest off the www and your blog has been the only one I have read that I have felt connected to a person who cares! I have been struggling so much with having little to no following on my very new blog and you have just encouraged me so much! Thank you!

I am SO glad to hear this! Thanks so much for reading and spending the time to comment. I have lots of resources and I’m always an email away 🙂

Fantastic article and absolutely beautiful site and pin! Definitely agree with just picking one or 2 social media platforms and building relationships with people there. I tried to do 4 at once and my hair nearly fell out! Too much! Love it!

Thank you so much for this! I have wanted to start a blog for awhile but feel a little overwhelmed when I start researching what steps I need to take. This was a HUGE motivator. Thank you xo

Thank you for the tips ! Really appreciate it.
Naush from Dubai


Thankyou Helene for this insight into what you did to make your blog more successful. I will be taking these tips on board and Hopefully my blog will grow.

Great post! Thanks for all the help and motivation. Would love to work with you in the future if your interested. My wife and I run The Savvy Couple. A personal finance blog for Millennials trying to live more frugal and free.

Nice read thanks for the tips.

Stories of Our Boys

I REALLY appreciate this post, especially the part about commenting on other blogs. I keep reading “Develop a strategy.” “Write out your plan to grow your blog.” And all I can think is……But I don’t know what my strategy should be! I don’t know what I need to do to get it more out there. I’m going to sign up for your 5 day course. 🙂 Thanks!

Thank you for this! I just started doing these things within the last week and it is such a confirmation that I’m on the right track. You’re awesome Helene! 😀

I love that you’re so open and willing to share things like this! <3

Thank you for this. It is encouraging to be reminded that we all start in the same place. I often find myself in the mindset that successful blogs were successful right from the start. You’ve given a lot of good advice in this post. I’m working hard to improve my social media skills (even with my personal account, I’m terrible at it), slowly but surely I think I’m making progress. Do you happen to have any advice for using twitter? It’s kicking my butt… I think I’m too old to “get it.”

This was such a helpful post! And I couldn’t agree more with your first tip – writing about something you are really passionate about makes ALL the difference! And thanks for the link to “setting up a newsletter” post – been struggling figuring this stuff out on my own! 🙂

Love this post! I have definitely had my ups and downs with blogging but, I’m getting on track. After reading this I’m going to work on becoming more social online and connecting with more bloggers. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the awesome advice! I’m new to blogging and its so overwhelming. It’s bloggers like you that have really helped me out.

Thank you so much for the advice! I’m starting a new blog next week, and these tips will help me build it from the ground up!

Thanks for sharing these tips. Reading blogs that are successful is a great encouragement to me. I’m just starting blogging seriously and am inspired by folks like you!

Veronica @inveronicascorner

Love this! I just started engaging more with blogs in my home + DIY niche, and am getting great feedback so it really does work. 🙂

Thank you for sharing this, i just started my blog and these tips are definitely gonna help me ( even tho the most challenging thing for me is to try to connect with other bloggers since i live in Morocco and it’s a little hard but i’m gonna try 🙂 )!! and i love your blog i just discovered it and i can’t stop reading your posts !! Good Luck 😀


Thanks for this! It will surely help me as I am just starting a blog. Love all your tips! Will be reading your other posts.

Awesome points! Thanks for this 🙂

[…] 5 Things I Did That Exploded My Blog – Helene in Between […]

This is such a great post!!! I always read lots of blogs but rarely leave a comment! Now I know for sure how important it is and how beneficial for my blog is! Thanks, girl!!

I just went in and added my Twitter link onto my blog thanks to this post! I redid it recently and, in the process, decided to focus my social efforts on Insta and Pinterest. But you made me realize that, just because I’m not actively promoting it (I still schedule and post to FB & Twitter), doesn’t mean that someone else might not want to follow. Thanks for the reminder!

These are great tips, Helene. I especially love your point about doing what you’re passionate about. Blogging requires a lot of time and effort and without the love it will quickly feel like a chore. I’m so glad you switched your focus because I’ve been able to learn some great tips from you here on your site and the Blogging Detox course. 🙂
By the way, congrats on your brave move to Germany!
Marva | SunSparkleShine

Thanks for the tips! I started my blog about a month ago 🙂


Great tips! I personally think creating a mailing list is a huge deal. When I first started blogging, I didn’t have one (didn’t figure anyone would sign up). Then I decided, hey lets try it and see what happens. Within the first week I had 50 people subscribe and it just gets bigger everyday! LOL. Guess I should have started one sooner!
=) Bridget | http://nuttyhiker.com

I find it hard to keep up with so many social media platforms! Before I had my expat blog, I had a fashion and finance blog that I had grown quite quickly. But, like you said with your Do Dallas Cheap blog, it began to feel like a chore. I also burnt myself out trying to keep up with it. I learned so many lessons from that blog. I kept my Instagram page, because it is my favorite platform and is what started it all for me, but I cannot even tell you the last time I’ve logged into Twitter 🙁 I’ve always struggled to get into it for some reason. I love Snapchat and Instagram, so I’ve focused on those. I do understand how important Twitter is, so maybe I need to give it another shot and try harder to interact on there?

xoxo, Meghan | http://www.thedeutschlife.com

These are fantastic tips! This post is really inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing, I’ll definitely look into having an email list.


[…] 5 Things I Did That Exploded My Blog via Helene In Between. Great tips to follow if you really want to see your blog succeed. […]

Good tips! I finish to create the base of my blog and in november I want to start write seriously (now i haven’t the time). I will remember of this tips! Nice blog! We can stay in touch! 😀

Thank you for this – I’ve been trying to really focus on my blog these past few months and it’s great to hear from successful bloggers on where to get started.

Thanks for the amazing tips :)!
Nat from Sisters & Bloggers

These are great tips! I need to be more diligent about commenting on blogs in my niche (I follow a lot of bigger food bloggers on social media and know they probably won’t respond to comments). But I know I need to step that part up. I’m also working on Pinterest to gain some traction. It’s hard though! So many things to do when there’s just not always enough time!

It’s hard, and I wish I had the time to comment on more because I know it really does help!

I know the email list is the way to go!! I promise promise promise I’m going to work on it! 😛 I like the way you put that, own your following. Great tips, bud!

The email list! I know I need to get serious here! And I definitely agree with social media! It’s so disappointing to find a great blog and have no way to follow them.

I KNOW! It makes me so sad!

Thanks Helene for these great tips! I have a blog which I haven’t updated in a long while and I’m trying to figure out the best way to get back into it. I can use all the tips I can get 🙂 I’ve been following your move to Heidelberg, Germany — so exciting! I’ve wanted to visit Heidelberg for a while now, it’s so beautiful. I live in Lucerne, Switzerland which is also incredibly beautiful (been in Switzerland for 13 years now). If you ever think about visiting Switzerland, feel free to get in touch! I’d love to help 🙂 xx Michelle

Thanks so much for following along! that means a lot :). I need to get my butt to Switzerland, I would love to visit!!

The social media thing is so true! That is one of the first things I do when I find a blog that I like. I still see blogs where the author hasn’t bothered with social media or haven’t put a link to their social profile somewhere that’s easy to find.

I also find them on Bloglovin as well as that’s generally where I keep track of the blogs that I read and all their new post. Having a Bloglovin profile is also important as it’s such a popular platform for following blog these days.

All of these tips are so great and very valid, especially the commenting one. It’s such a great way to get noticed, reach out to other bloggers and start to form a relationship with them.

YES! That always drives me nuts when i can’t follow back!

I love Bloglovin too, def my fave for reading.

Such helpful and straightforward tips. It seems so obvious until I realize that I still need to do a couple of these things 😉 Thanks for sharing and congratulations on 5 years 🙂

haha true! but glad they were a good reinforcement! Thanks 🙂

Love this! I am a year and a half in to my blogging journey and only recently feel like I got a more clear vision as to what I really want my blog to be about and to do for others. You have some great tips here! The main one I’m still struggling with is the email list (mostly the tech side of things), but I know I will get there at some point!

I do have a course inside of blog boss babe (www.blogbossbabe.com) all about creating an email list 🙂

Great post, Helene! Thanks for sharing and putting things in perspective!

Great tips! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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I have been using a personal twitter for years now, but now that I have one for my blog, I find myself more intimidated and afraid to start interacting with others. Instagram has been a great tool though!


I suggest using just one twitter. I think people like personal mixed with blog, but that’s just me!

Great advice Helene! I can’t believe I waited so long to start my email list!


It’s been a game changer for me for sure!

Big time yes to social media! I recently started actually using real hashtags and not stupid ones, and holy sh*t. Seems like I should have listened to you over a year ago… 😉

Yessss! Hashtags make all the difference. It’s hard to find good ones though. Do you have any tips on how you found which worked best for you?

Malena Haas

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