Brrr, it's cold in here. Nope, that's just me, without the heat on. As I sit here freezing and holding my mug in my hands to keep them warm, I wanted to come up with some post ideas for when you're in the winter rut and help combat blogger's block.

30 winter blog post ideas

1. Favorite January Tunes.

2.  Best activities in the winter (or favorite ways to keep warm).

3. Your number one goal for 2015, and how you're going to do.

4. Pinteresting. Your favorite pinterest boards (or pins) and why.

5. Throw back: favorite snowy/chilly memory

6. Valentine's Day: what's your true love in life (does not need to be a person).

7. Review your favorite movie and your Oscar picks.
8. What are you an expert on? Give us a how-to.
9. Your top instagrammers. Or tweeters. Who do you love to stalk? 
10. Top workout tips for getting out of the winter rut.
11. If you had $1,000 and you had to spend it all in the next hour… what would you do?
12. One thing you're afraid to tell anyone. Spill it.
13. The best recipe for a cold night. Chili when it's chilly?
14.What grinds your gears? It probably bugs me too.

15. Who's your top vlogger? Show us by embedding a video into your post.

16. If you could guest post on anyone's blog- who would it be and why?

17. The history of you. Give us a breakdown of you.

18. What's your most popular post of all time? Why do you think it gained attention?

19. Pinterest fail. Ever tried something and failed? Help us avoid pitfalls.

20. Netflix picks. I'm always looking to see what others watch.

21. This or that? Compare two products or two similar items and give us your review on why you liked or hated one.

22. Conduct a reader poll. Have a survey to gain insight into your reader base. Follow this post up with your findings.

23. In five years what does the future look like? For you or your blog.

24. Fiction. Tell us a made up story.

25. One thing you refuse to try. Then give your reasons why.

26. Questions and Answers. Have your readers ask what they've been dying to know (I still have yet to do this, might be in my future!)

27. Host a giveaway for your favorite product and tell us why it's life changing.

28. How do organize your blog/time? I always wonder how people do it all.

29. Your first time. Your first time trying something new- tell us about the experience.

30. Resolutions check- have you been keeping up with your goals?

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