Since I have an ad sale going on right now (all ads are 25% off with code “HOLIDAY”) it's come to my attention that I should explain how to upload an “ad” or a blog button. Whether you want to make a button for your blog, or use it for sidebar or banner advertisements on someone else's blog, here's the easiest way to make one, step-by-step.

Want to watch this in video form? Click here!

1. Go to – this is totally free (you can sign up for the Royale account, which I have, but not necessary for this tutorial.)

2. Click on “design”

3. When you click design on the top left you'll see you're in the basic edits section. Go to the bottom of this section and click “resize”

4. UNCLICK “keep proportions” and put in the porportions for the ad size you're wanting to upload. For example, my large ad size is 250X150. So I'd plug that in there. Click Apply

5. Now you can add text. Go to the left side of the blog and click the “Tt” icon to add text, such as your blog name.

6. If you'd like to add your image (or any image) go to the Butterfly icon on the left. Then click “upload your own” OR you can use the icons Picmonkey has.

7. Fit the image to the size and width of the ad.

8. If you'd like to change the canvas color, go back to the basic edits (the icon at the top)at change the “canvas color” to whatever you like!

9. Click save. Name your button something you'd remember. Such as “Helene Button 250 X 150” so you remember what it's for.

10. Upload the button on Passionfruit and link it to your blog!

Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

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