Deciding to go full time with blogging is a crazy experience. I was nervous, scared, excited, doubtful and a whole range of emotions in between. The main question I had for myself was: could I see myself doing this long term?

And by this, I don't just mean blogging. I mean finding multiple streams of revenue to ensure that I could make money each month. When you work for yourself it can be scary. But I've also discovered that it's the best decision I've ever made in my life. Besides marrying Michael.

This process has been well thought out and taken a few months to get used to. But, I realized that it's not only manageable but doable for many bloggers. We just need the right tools, some time, and some thing to spark a fire under us.

So, I decided it's necessary to come out with a new course for bloggers: Quit Your Job to Blog.

Quit Your Job to Blog: An Online Course For Bloggers

This is a full fledged e-course for bloggers to learn:

• How
to blog about what YOU want and still get tons of traffic (unlike what everyone
else out there says!!)

• How
to continue gaining followers and readers no matter what you post about (and
keep them interested)

• The
right time for you to go full time (and how to do it fast!)

• How
to find people that WANT to pay you and capture leads right now

• How
to set up your pricing structure (how much to charge for everything) as well as
where to spend money on your blog (learn from my mistakes)

• How
to start making money from your blog, even if you’ve never made $1 before

 Here's a sneak peek:

This is a no nonsense, results driven course.
This will be made up of modules you can start and stop whenever you please,
with step-by-step instructions on how to grow your blog, build your brand, make
money and blogging about what you’re passionate about!  
PLUS a webinar to help you gain success, cheat sheets, worksheets, and swipe copy you can use for your own emails.
BUT WAIT! There's more…
You’ll have a case study of my viral
– exactly how to go viral and how you can replicate this process for yourself. My ready-to-use templates for working
with brands and bloggers
and a pricing structure for your blog posts, your
social shares, and everything in between. You’ll finally be able to figure out
HOW much to charge for your work. You'll also get a comprehensive list of resources on where
and how to make money from your blog (and how to use these resources) – including the tools you need to start making money and building traffic

private community for you to grow your blog and get
help whenever you need it

+ a LIVE Q & A in addition to the
course! This is almost unheard of y’all. 
So, you get a a full course with modules you can watch and re-watch- forever(!), a Q&A to help you maneuver your blogging path, a private community to find bloggers passionate like you and answer questions, AND a full list of resources, templates, and worksheets. It's basically everything you need to grow online, establish a presence, and quit your job to blog!

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