The Summer months can take a beating on bloggers. People feel it's a slower month and there is just less to write about. Since I'm obsessive… I mean, err driven, I've posted on this blog at least 5 days a week for over a year now. So, here are some summer blog post ideas for you!

30 Summer Blog Post Ideas

1. A day you'll never forget

2. Your Summer must-haves

3. If you could only listen to one musical group/act for the rest of your life

4. Favorite Summer memory from childhood

5. Write from a boy's perspective…”If I were a boy

6. You're biggest blogging mistakes

7. DIY Summer item

8. Make up a fictional story

9. The worst one liners you've ever heard

10. Shoot a quick YouTube video with fun facts about yourself.

11. A letter to your future self

12. Your favorite Summer beauty products

13. Beach Reads

14. If you could interview your favorite celebrity- what would you ask?

15. Tell us your worst habit.

16. Share your Nordstrom must haves (especially with the massive sale going on now). Like… I NEED this and this because I've never seen it that cheap.

17. Make a Summer playlist

18. Update on your goals for 2015.

19. Write a thank you note, on the blog, to the people you love.

20. Fall fashion you can't wait to wear

21. Give us your best “How To

22. Pick a side on a issue and tell us why you feel that way.

23. Publish some of your favorite comments you've ever received.

24. Have a blogging poll.

25. Ask your best friend to guest post.

26. Write an “on this day in history”

27. Give us a home tour.

28. Or a backyard tour.

29. The best way to stay cool in the summer heat

30. Tell us your favorite qualities about yourself.

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