There are some new developments taking the world by storm. Things like the Apple Watch or myriad of other new apps, projects, and advancements that are wonderful. Those things are not what this post is about. These are things that I really do not care for, at all.

I got on the plane yesterday in good spirits. I was finally heading home and had a good time at my work conference. I learned a lot. I was tired and ready for my own bed, though. I thought I might get a little shut eye on the flight but the 100s of kids on their way home from the theme parks had other ideas.
There were two children, of the same parents, that had the loudest, most blood curdling screams on the flight. It was scary. At one point I timed how long they were screaming. Sometimes people would get up and look over at these kids to make sure they weren't dying.

This app that gauges how old I am. Thanks, but you're really wrong. And really rude.

You're 8 years off and making me self conscious. Hold on. It gets better:

At first I thought it must be the filters. So I went with some I knew wouldn't have filters. This one is from high school, I was 18, so was she:

That app can go to hell.

Frozen. Admittedly, I haven't seen it. But enough. If my hair is in a side braid this does not mean I am trying to look like Elsa. I've been rocking that since ‘Nam.

People (Michael) who go on and on about how instagram isn't “instant” for me.

This video from Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea, “Pretty Girls.” I'm just not sure what is happening or why this is just so poorly made. I feel like it's all just bad. What are they doing here? Why is Iggy talking like that? Is Britney on drugs again?
See for yourself:

Reese Witherspoon came out with a new product line called “Draper James.” In essence it's southern, and classic, and chic. Oh, and expensive. $75 for a graphic tee? No, Reese, no. How about $30 for a set of 12 note cards? Or a charm necklace for $138? I think I'll bring my money to Target, thank you.

That I love the “Bad Blood” song/music video. When I saw it, I thought, “This isn't that great of a song. Don't be a follower, Helene.” I can't get enough now.

That David Letterman is over. I'm a fan. I thought he was really funny. Also he looks like my Dad. 

I came home yesterday to find clear skies in Dallas. Nope. Today it's full on raining.

Bonus, want to like Justin Bieber again? This video of his carpool karaoke just might do the trick. 

What do you not care for?