I have an affinity for nail polishes. This past week Michael made me clean out the ones I have. So I laid them all out and attempted to find which ones I really need to get rid of, and the ones I can't live without. I have a REALLY hard time keeping polish on my nails. The reason for this is two fold. First because the nail polish sucks and two because I pick at my nails. It's a bad habit but I just can't help it. Once I see one little chip, all 10 fingers have to be relieved of polish.

Lately, I've been buying any nail polish that claim to last longer. I even asked on Twitter what to do about this debacle of keeping my nails painted. Someone suggested Hairspray and Highheels' DIY Gel Manicure. I tried it out for a few weeks, but it didn't seem to stick.

AS you can see, I've really tried them all. Cheap, expensive, it really didn't seem to last more than a day without getting chipped. But then, Target saved me. I saw a new brand of polish from Orly called “Color Amp'd.” I liked it because it came with two tubes. One color, and one top coat.

It claims to last longer and dry faster. Yeah yeah yeah, let's see if it can work. I tried it out. First, I was super impressed with the color. It's like Barbie car pink.

The top coat smells weird. Really weird. Two coats of polish plus one coat of top coat and you're done. I think it dries a normal amount of time but I was impressed with how long it lasted- 4 days. No, that's not as long as they claim (7 days) but it still worked really well.

Now, please PLEASE, tell me: what is your favorite nail polish? What do you think lasts the longest?