OMG, y'all! It's date night. I don't know about you, but I look forward to the night when Michael finally takes me out… once a month. In case you haven't seen the viral YouTube video of “The Instagram Husband,” it focuses on what it's like to be with someone who makes you wait to eat your food and take pictures in front of brick walls. So, this struck a chord with me.

15 Perfect Date Ideas For Bloggers

Echoing the sentiment in the video, I wanted to create a list of perfect dates for you and your Blogger (or Instagram) Husband! 

1. Go to a restaurant known for its extravagant Bloody Marys. That way we can take pictures of them!

2. Go for a nice drive. Make sure to talk on Snapchat about your relationship while he drives. 

3. Wine tasting. We love wine. Too early? Coffee. But can you get the one that has the heart shape? It looks so much prettier.

4. Go through a corn maze. Or a pumpkin patch. This makes for exceptional blog material.

5. Learn a new skill! Like photography. We would really love for you to take better photos of us. 

6. Play hooky at work! So we can get in a sunrise shot on top of a mountain. Any mountain. 

7. Candles. Let's go to Bath and Body Works and buy some new ones. 

8. Stay in a fancy hotel! (Note: please don't touch the bed, towels, or toiletries until I have done a full sweep of the room.) 

9. Curl up on the couch and stay in. I'll put up my blog analytics and we can analyze areas of improvement. 

10. Get fancy! Let's attend a fun event. How about a blogger conference? Get excited.

11. Who can beat the beach? You just can't! Let's write our names in the sand and pretend our drinks just landed in the sand.

12. Let's go to a new museum. I heard they have an intricate marble floor. I'll need to lie on it so you can get the picture we discussed of my shoes.

13. Shopping is fun! Let's buy a new fluffy white rug.

14. How about a picnic! Make this picnic near a meadow. A meadow filled with flowers … so I can pick them. And Instagram them.

15. LASTLY, let's go to a cabin in the woods! I'll be wearing boots that can't get ANY snow on them. And I'll be wearing pink lipstick so don't try to kiss me.

What do ya know? I'm doing that this weekend! Follow along on Instagram (@Heleneinbetween) and Snapchat (helenesula)

P.S. Yes, it's a little weird that we do weird things for Instagram and our blogs, but you, husband, typically benefit from it. So get over it (to a point…).

P.P.S. thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday!


I have an Instagram friend on the blog today: Ada of Adaleta Avdic, discussing her blog, what inspires her, and how she keeps her insta game strong!

When did you know you wanted to start blogging?

I actually started my blog January of 2013 as a project for my senior
writing course in college. Our professor said we had to blog 10 posts on
one topic we were passionate about at the time. Oddly enough that was
electronic dance music so it was all about what to wear, what to do,
what DJs were my favorite, etc. After that, I evolved the blog into my
other two passions travel and beauty. 

Tell me one thing that blogging has taught you?
Blogging has taught me that other bloggers are extremely supportive of
each other. It's such a fantastic community and I've made so many
blogging friends who have fantastic blogs and we all benefit from each
others' support so it's a really nice feeling. Some people get
competitive but at the end of the day, there's a place for all blogs and
it's so nice to see the support. 

What inspires your blogging style? 
At the moment, beautiful colors and clean photography inspires my
blogging. I go for crisp clear photography and that really focuses me to
write. I'm also inspired by my readers and the comments they leave.
They are my biggest instigators and give the best  recommendations.
What made you want to start your blog?
 I wanted to share some of my ridiculous (sometimes a little
funny) thoughts, great products, fantastic travel with others, whether
they have a specific interest in the topic or just want to learn more.
My blog is a place for all people who just want to read a post and enjoy
their glass of wine at night.
What is one of your pet peeves?
 I have a lot of pet peeves. I would have to say slow driving makes me
insane. And because I live in Tucson (lots of retired folks) it is
definitely more prominent. Don't worry, I don't have road rage but my
ears fume when someone is driving 10 miles under the speed limit.

Name a favorite post you've written?

One of my favorite posts has to be where I shared some tips and tricks
on how to make Instagram photos more beautiful and “Instagram worthy”
because it was sharing my tricks and thoughts in regards to good quality

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