I blog about all sorts of things. Things that have meaning and things that really don't at all. I started this blog in September of 2012 when I had just broken my ankle. I wrote about my life and whatever inspired me.
One topic that I couldn't wait to post about was my trip to Belgium to go to Tomorrowland. Through the years I found ways to sneak in Tomorrowland topics as often as I could, despite knowing that many of my core readers couldn't care less.

But for me, and for those that have experienced this music festival, it's a different experience than any other in the world. It's a unique experience where people from literally all over the world, from more countries than are represented at the Olympics, to witness music and love and fun. What could be better than that?

A lot of people might roll their eyes when I talk about my adoration for this festival. But I feel pretty validated after The Secretary General of the United Nations – yes- the real deal, Ban Ki-moon spoke about the power of this festival.

Yes, it's just a music festival. But clearly, it's become more than just that. So I don't feel so bad about talking about this festival. Afterall, if the Secretary General of the UN can, so can I!