I love date nights. I might have just celebrated 4 years of marriage, but there's something romantic about planning time just for the two of us. But I'm a cheap date. Meaning frugal. Michael and I are trying to save as much as we can for upcoming travel plans. So I put together a list of cheap date ideas for this  year.

Most of the ideas are inexpensive, or even free. Here are 45 fun, cheap date ideas you can use this weekend!

1. Set up a movie under the starts. Just make sure your laptop is charged and put a blanket outside.
2. Go on a brewery tour. They are typically inexpensive and you get beer along the way.
3. Hike somewhere nearby. Preferably somewhere near the water.
4. Recreate your first date at home. Ours was at Bennigan's, so it's easy to do. I made up a Bennigan's menu and put it on the table. But he could only choose from one option: what I cooked that night.
5. Pick out where you want to travel next. Travel is expensive, but talking about it isn't. I'll sit with a world map and start dreaming up where we should go next.
6. Play a board game. I don't know about you, but I'm competitive. I like when we have a game to battle over. My suggestion: Risk.
7. Outdoor picnic.
8. Put together a playlist of your favorite songs and have a jam session.
9.  Make your own wine. Wine-making places are popping up everywhere and it's relatively expensive. Plus wine is always a bonus.
10. Visit your local farmers' market.
11. Go stand-up paddle boarding.
12. Have a fondue night. One word: cheese.
13. Go on a bike ride. I like to go just before sunset so we can watch the sky change color.
14. Visit a drive-in movie. Bring your own popcorn.
15. Come up with your own custom cocktails.
16. Hit up the library. Or Half Price Books. We spend hours looking at books and then share what we have.
17. Be a tourist in your own city.
18. Go to a paint and drink class.
19. Check out your local comedy club.
20. Go to a concert. Check out Groupon or LivingSocial for a deal on your favorites or find free events in your area.
21. Look at old pictures or old home movies together. This is one of my favorites to make Michael do.
22. Have a s'mores night.
23. Attend a gardening event. We go to these sometimes, because we are horrible gardeners and because they are generally pretty fun.
24. Make a fort. You're never too old for a fort.
25. Go to a high school sporting event.
26. Go on a home tour in a nearby neighborhood. There are modern homes popping up all around our neighborhood and we never pass up on the chance to check them out.
27.  Have a taste test for a few different tequilas or vodkas. See which ones you really like best.
28. Go for a drive and bring some fun car snacks.
29. Bowling can be super cheap if you plan ahead and find the dates that it's discounted.
30. Go to a flea market or thrift store and buy something different.
31. Go to a pottery class and make a vase. Pick wildflowers to put in your new decoration.
32. Go to a nearby museum. Bonus points if you take pictures recreating scenes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
33. Watch each others favorite movie back to back.
34. Cook an exotic recipe together.
35. Have a certain amount of time when you talk only in movie quotes.
36. Buy a cheap inflatable pool from Walmart and have a pool party in your back yard.
37. Play mini golf. Or if you have a Top Golf nearby that works, too.
38. Go to a bar and play darts or pool.
39. Sing karaoke. Pick out songs for one another and you won't know what it is until you go up there. This is fun just for their reaction.
40. Take selfies over the city or throughout your day and have them printed at a one hour photo shop. Make a collage out of them.
41. Go to and find where you can pick your own produce based on your location.
42. Create a new salsa recipe and freeze the leftovers.
43. Get on Youtube and show each other the funniest videos you can find. This is guaranteed hours of entertainment.
44. Recreate your favorite date. Michael and I did this at a park when we recreated this date.
45. Hold a tropical themed date night at home.
I'm going to expand on the tropical theme. Michael and I love traveling but we can't always get away. That's why it's fun to have a vacation at home with Palm Breeze.



This comes in Pineapple Mandarin Orange and Ruby Red Citrus. It's very similar to a beer, since it's a flavored malt beverage, without tasting like a beer. It's refreshing and delicious.

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