A little over a month ago I got the idea in my head that it would be fun to do an instagram challenge. Instagram is one of those social media outlets that I'm really trying to master. How can I still be myself but showcase pictures that people will like? The challenge seemed like a fun way to engage others in a similar community.

I was totally shocked with the number of others who joined in. There were people from Australia, England, and of course, all over USA! Here are some of my favorite images. I was going to go through all of the photos but you know what… there are over 3,500 images! So, if you want to look at the previous recaps, go here:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4 

If you're as sad as I am that #30PhotosInBetween is over… don't be! Like I said in previous posts I am continuing the hashtag: #PhotosInBetween for any photos you want to tag. I think is a good way to keep the community going- without having to do it everyday or with a specified topic.

If you really want to keep the challenge going check out The Daily Tay's #20HappyDaysInMay! I know I'll be joining in on that one!

…AND announcing a NEW instagram challenge. I had so much fun with this month's but I wanted to give everyone a little break. Check back for the July instagram challenge!! I'll have 31 new prompts. Thinking of making the hashtag easy on myself: #31PhotosInBetween.
Thoughts?? I'd love to hear your input!

Thank you so much to all that participated, I really can't tell you how much fun I had!