For the past few weeks I've been talking about putting purple in my hair. I really like it. I think it looks so pretty on people and I thought maybe I could pull it off. Michael shocked me when he told me he liked it. I thought to myself, okay, this is a possibility.

I talked about it with my girlfriends and started pinning pictures on Pinterest like the one above. Then I told Michael and my friend and they both looked at me like I was crazy. “I mean, I like it on them, but not on you, Helene.” All I could think was that they were boys and therefore wrong. Also, in my Stephanie Tanner voice, “How rude!”

Then, the other day I went into CVS, and there, on one of the promotional shelves (and also, as seen on TV) was a box of hair chalk. I glanced at the package, noticing the price was only $5.99. I knew this was coming home with me.
The “Hot Huez” temporary hair chalk contained blue, purple, pink, and even green. P.S. it's on Amazontoo, in case you can't find it in stores.

On Wednesday, April 1st I happened to have a hair appointment for highlights. Michael was going rock climbing that night so I had ample time to come home and put the chalk in my hair. 

I wish that this was a sponsored post because then I wouldn't be lying about how awesome this stuff was. I mixed together the purple and blue and it glides right on your hair. It's a little messy. My white shirt is a tad purple-y now but I'm sure it will wash out.

Around 9:30 PM, Michael walked in the door.

“Hey, you like my hair?”
“Yeah, looks good,” he said without looking at all. The one time he should have been paying attention.
“You do? Great! Are you sure you really looked?” I asked.
“Yeah,” finally turning around. “Oh my God. What did you do?”
I couldn't contain my grin.
“Helene, oh no. This is so unprofessional. You look ridiculous.”
“But it's unicorn hair!”
“What in the hell is unicorn hair? I can't believe you actually did it.”

Nailed it.

This stuff comes out so easily so I might start adding it to my hair a little more often. Whether Michael likes it or not. Unicorn hair for the win. 

If you're wondering about the  #7DaysHealthy challenge, I've decided I'm going to keep it to a once a month thing, instead of once a week. Who knows, I could change my mind! I'm having a hard time thinking of things to add on, without going crazy.
As far as the last challenge, my goal was to hit 1500 calories a day. I didn't quite do that. For instance, last night I was at 1,520. And Saturday I was around 1,700, but for the most part I stayed at or below 1,500.
I'm absolutely going to try to keep this up. I lost some weight and I'm really happy about it. Plus, I think this is fairly manageable!

Two questions for you: would you ever add an unnatural color to your hair? AND any challenge ideas you can think of?