Welcome to day 3 of #Blogtober14! I've had a few questions about Blogtober so I thought I'd clear that up before jumping in today's prompt.
Do I have to blog every day? Heck no. Do what you want. Of course, Taylor and I would love it (and be really impressed) if you did it everyday, but there are no rules. Rules suck!
How do I link up? Each day we will post a link up at the bottom of our posts. Simply add your name, your blog url, and email (don't worry it's private) to the link up that way others can find you!
What's up with the hashtag? Well, it's #Blogtober14 and it gives another way to find you on social media! Add it to your twitter, facebook and instagram posts! 
How do I copy the button? I have a handy tutorial on that but simply, just copy the HTML code directly underneath the button and add it to your blog wherever you want to show up.
What are the rules? Like we said, there are no rules! However, we would love it if you would link to Taylor and I in your posts (bonus for following us on instagram!)

I'm going take today's prompt: One Thing I Can't Live Without, literally. A thing, to me, isn't a person. It needs to be a thing. I sat at my computer for a solid 10 minutes staring at the screen trying to figure out what “it” was. Then I realized I wasn't listening to music, so I couldn't be inspired. Then it hit me… MUSIC!
I thought my dream job growing up would be to sing, that became clear pretty quick that wasn't a possibility. I don't play any instruments. But I can appreciate what music does. It's the one thing, past or present, that unites us all. We can push aside all our differences for music.
You listen to it no matter what mood you're in. I'd want it if I was on a deserted island. I danced to it on my wedding day, at the bars, and alone in my room. I travel 1,000s of miles just to listen to it live. It's the perfect thing no matter what happens in life.

So what's the one thing you can't live without?

Tomorrow's Prompt: Favorite Photo Posted on Instagram

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Helene in Between Blogtober
Helene in Between Blogtober