The other day I went to the mall. Specifically, I headed to Forever 21 to peruse the racks in hopes of some new threads at a discounted price. It's my go-to store. After leaving the store semi-empty-handed (I did buy some rings at $3.95) I strolled around.
There, in all it's glory, was Anthropologie.

Am I in the mall? Or have I entered a chic farm shed? Hard to know. It's as if I'm entering another world. Another expensive world.

I meander through the store. But where to start? Should I investigate the candelabras smelling of honeydew and creamsicles (which apparently is a smell)? Or the on-purpose grungy pottery glazed teapots? Or do I make my way to the clothes made with 100% recycled unicorn tears and parchment paper? It's a tough choice, but I start with the apparel.

Each one is hung delicately and sits slightly higher than a normal hanger would. I reach for what appears to be a gray sweater and bump into the beachy armoire's open doors, nearly losing my balance. It was all for nothing. This gray sweater is actually a hand scarf and costs $380. Thank goodness nothing fell, I would have knocked over the handmade gluten-free oatmeal cereal bowls.

Everything seems to be beyond my budget so I wander to the home section, eyeing a selection of spoons made with used fish hooks – this is why they're metallic- some have scales pressed into them. I'm not really into fish, so I find gold napkin rings and hold on to them. I need to walk out of here with something, anything, to remember the occasion, even though I know I won't use napkin rings since all I use are paper towels. Select-a-size to be exact.

But wait, I see the sale section. I pass the brushed denim fringed sandals and outdoor picnic arrangement, complete with rotting peaches and cactus. Could have been a real problem if I fell on that.

At the sale section I find tucked in the back, a lilac button-up blouse with penguins on the buttons. I must have it. I pensively turn over the price tag, thinking it will surely be over priced like the other baubles at the store. But no, it's only $29.85 and it's going to be mine.

Oh Anthropologie, you're weird and wonderful. And really hard to spell.

After all that, wouldn't it be nice to win some store credit? Want some cash to spruce up your spring wardrobe? How about $130 to Anthropologie!? I've partnered with some fantastic ladies to bring you this giveaway. Enter in the rafflecopter below!

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