When I posted a survey last week I thought I would get maybe a dozen responses. I was pretty shocked that 208 people answered. So first, thank you for reciprocating. Second, this really was anonymous. A few of you said your name on some of the answers but I only know who you are if you told me on one question, since it's all anonymous otherwise. Now let's get to the results.
Question 1:

The majority of you read every time I post. That really makes me happy. Maybe that's weird, but I put a lot (A LOT) of time and effort into this blog. More that I probably should. But 40% of you (well 40% of 208) read the majority of the time I hit publish.One of the responses was when I write something that he/she is interested in. Totally relate to that- that's how I read some blogs too.

Question 2:

Answers are pretty all over the board but the majority are between a year and a year and a half. The 2+ years people (all 10 of you!) you are awesome. This makes me think I might need to remind you of some stuff from the past…

Question 3:

Most of you follow on Bloglovin, but I was surprised to see Instagram high up on the list too. Most of the others were: typing it into a browser, GFC, email, and my personal favorite, stalking.
Question 4:
Most people read via Bloglovin' but the most of the “other” responders read via Blogger and email.
Question 5:
The winner, surprisingly to me, is my life posts. I really never know which posts people like the most. My stats range so much from post to post. But my life and humor win. This is so good to know.

Question 6:
I think I knew it would go this way and laughed when I saw it. But guess what y'all, Tomorrowland posts aren't going away anytime soon. Plus music is my life. Just kidding. Maybe. Some of the other answers were sponsored. I totally agree and have tried to cut WAY down on this (in case you haven't noticed.) Though I think some sponsored posts are okay, but agree it shouldn't be every other post.
Question 7:
Glad to see there were no “nos”. 
Question 8: What would you like to see more of on Helene in Between?
These answers surprised me. Some people said more blogging advice or travel tips (although it seems some people don't like travel related posts) but majority wanted more personal posts. I think for a while I've stayed away from that (I'm not sure why- maybe I was scared?) but this made me realize that I should definitely incorporate that more. Or maybe I'll get too personal and y'all will all see how weird I really am. Then we'll see who still reads this blog. A few of you mentioned talking about Michael and our relationship – which is always a good topic. Also, personal fave was “black light parties” and, of course, “everything you do works.” 
A few of you mentioned beauty and hair. I find that really odd and funny and I think the people who see me in real life are laughing right now. At me, not with me. 
Question 9: Anything else you'd like me to know?
Hard to find social media links. THANK YOU. Seriously, that is wonderful feedback and I will change that ASAP. Although, as an FYI all my social media links are on the top right above my picture. 
Someone asked if I cook – yes! At least 3 times a week. Last night I made Lemon thyme grilled chicken with walnut spiced rice pilaf. It was excellent if I do say so myself. 
Someone mentioned that they really dislike the blogger posts, and I see their point. That there are “rules” to blogging, which, of course, there aren't. I think the reason why I write posts on the “how to blog” subject is because I wish someone told me when I started blogging, or even along the way.  I 100% agree that blogging can seem very clique like, one because I've felt on the outside of many of them. That's why I wanted to write posts that I felt evened the playing field. The other being because I work in social media and marketing and find it fascinating. I love to see why people tick. I don't think I'll stop writing about blogging but I do appreciate the feedback and where you're coming from. 
Other notes: to proofread posts more (yes, agreed, if my mom AKA my editor, isn't around there's a lack of conciseness in my writing.) 
A couple people proposed a weekly linkup, which I'm not opposed to. I've just tried and failed a few times, so it would really need to be a good one.

Question 10:
It just seemed right to end at 10. 
Thank you all so much for answering this, truly. I loved reading your responses and it really helped to give me a sense of where I was going in the right, or wrong, direction.