I know what you're thinking: “Wait, we're only 11 days into the new year! How can you say this?” Well, technically, I can claim anything because this is my blog. Like, the cup in the picture below is actually coffee. But that would be a lie, that cup is filled with diet coke.

Even though this year just started, I've already done some pretty fun things. I wanted to pass them along to you.

In 2015, I've seen the movie “The Imitation Game.” My Dad and I saw it together and as soon as it was over I exclaimed: This is the best movie I've seen this year! Well, I realized there hadn't been much of a year yet, but it's still an incredible movie. It's the story of the people who decrypted the code of the Nazi's Enigma machine and to end the war. But I didn't realize the intricacies of Alan Turing's life, played expertly by Benedict Cumberbatch, and the extreme struggles he went through. I was on the edge of my seat and I can't believe this is a true story. Go see it.

I'm throwing my own birthday party. I tossed the idea back and forth, I'm turning 28, do I really need a birthday party? Then I realized you're NEVER too old for birthday parties. So heck yes. It's a really mature type of party. One with black lights and glow sticks.

Drinking smoothies. In the morning if I start my day off healthy then the rest of the day I want to keep up being healthy. But it's not always easy to do that when I'm short on time. I was recently introduced to “Unfruitgetable” Smoothies. It's made with half fruits and half vegetables: kale, pineapples, carrots, and more. All pre-packaged, so you store it in your freezer, and pop it in your blender, add some liquid (milk, juice, or water) and it's ready to go. So it takes roughly 42 seconds.

 I got to meet the creator of Unfruitgetable, a local Dallas company, who works in pharmaceuticals with patients with chronic illnesses that need to keep a strict diet. Whether if it's for weight loss or just to keep a healthy diet, I love this quick and easy way to stay on track.

 Binge watched Gilmore Girls. I don't always like to do what everyone else does, but I decided if everyone else likes Gilmore Girls, then so can I. So I've been watching it, often. I'm completely sucked in despite the fact the acting is a little weird and the plot line makes me scratch my head. If Lorelai and Rory were real people I would not be friends with them, but yet I continue.

Washing my face everyday. In all of my 27 (almost 28) years of life, I have never been very good at washing my face. I've never had particularly bad acne, but I do get breakouts now and then. I finally wash my face everyday, even twice a day and now I totally get it. Healthy Helene in 2015 here I come! 

And lastly, I'm back in the habit of working out. I stumbled upon Kayla Itsines' on instagram. Then discovered her blog and her workout series. So I thought, why not? This past week I started using her training program and I'm extremely sore.

So what are the best things you've done so far this year?

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