Like I teased you with yesterday: I have some news.
This past week I put in my 2 weeks notice at my job.
Actually I start this coming Monday (May 20th)!
I decided to bite the bullet and start on a new venture.
I have been with my current company for 3 and 1/2 years so I'm nervous and excited to start my new position.
I would tell you the details about the new role but to be honest, I have no idea what I'll really be doing.
So that's interesting.
Basically I will be a consultant for internet marketing campaigns which is a total 180 from what I currently do (I train people in special events on our online catering system).
But what is REALLY exciting about this, is that eventually I hope to start blog consulting services. Not regular ones where I tell you the direction your blog needs to go in (although that will be part of it) but I will be fully certified in Search Engine Optimization and Google Keyword Search and will help do that for others and their blogs! Owning my own business here I come!! (Maybe)
And now I leave you with how to survive those last two weeks at the office….
At this point you are itching to get out. Every task seems menial and every email seems nagging. You don't know my life?!
People that were annoying before are just plain intolerable.
Tasks that took 10 minutes drag on for hours.
You can't concentrate. You try and type out a memo, but it's no use. You are too busy thinking about what reality TV show you will catch up on tonight. 
So how do you stay focused?
Like most respectable people, you don't. You just look like you do.
Make a pair of these glasses:

Always have something up on your computer Screen. And make it work related, not just Buzzfeed articles or a blog.
In meetings, smile and nod as often as possible.
Laugh when everyone else laughs.
Don't leave everyday like this:
walk out casually.
You find every excuse not to work.
So you clean out your desk.
18 times.
Or this:
Tell coworkers that you will miss them and a way to contact you in the future.
Don't make it too personal/awkward.
So wish me luck!
This is really only my second big job after college, let's hope I don't screw it up.
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