It's hard to talk about things you're an expert about without coming off as a little pretentious. I mean, sure, we're all good at something. Some things we're better at than others. It's okay to admit that. To relish in your own accomplishments. But today is different.
I have a superiority complex about certain things. Don't we all? So in the spirit of that, here's what I'm an expert on:

– Correcting you on song lyrics.
Isn't that the worst? I'm that person that will tell you that you're wrong. My brain is 97.5% song lyrics, I can't help it.

– Shopping at Forever 21.
I will find something there if it's the last thing I do.

– Blogtobering.
I have scheduled a post everyday at approximately 5am for the past 17 days. I'm feeling pretty good about that. Fingers crossed.

– Dancing at bars.
No seriously, this is probably the most expertise I have. Want a dance partner? I'm your girl.  Here's a super high quality photo to prove it:

– Checking my instagram feed.
Nail it, every time. 

– Remembering things.
Unless I don't remember. But if I do, then I'm 100% right about what was said/happened and we will get into an argument if you disagree. (cough Michael cough).

– Electronic Dance Music
Well, this is not really true. But I am an expert at Tomorrowland.

– Spilling on myself
Oh, am I wearing white? Looks like I'm going to spill tomato basil soup on myself today.

– That “anyways” is not a word.

It's anyway. But I say anyways too. I just know it's wrong. And the difference between your and you're.

– Eating popcorn.
All day, every day. Try to out popcorn me. You can't. 

Saving money.
Well Michael really knows how to save, and that rubs off on me.

– Blogging?
Well apparently the folks at Splash Media think so. Next Tuesday (October 21st) at 1pm CST I'll be co-hosting the #SplashChat on twitter! I'd love it if you'd join me so I have some friends there, and I promise it will be fun! 

P.S. to join the chat, just follow along and answer the questions with the hashtag #SplashChat

Not washing my hair.
Level intermediate on using dry shampoo.

-Ending sentences with prepositions.
Case in point: What are you an expert at?

Tomorrow's Prompt: Share A Secret About You
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Helene in Between Blogtober
Helene in Between Blogtober