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DO NOT BE ALARMED. What you are about to see are real pictures of what my bathroom closet looks like. It's terrifying. There are makeup and towels literally crammed into every nook and cranny. When you open the door a misplaced mascara may come crashing down. Or worse yet, a compact comes hurling through the air and breaking.

 Please understand I in no way shape or form made the closet look messier than it is. I'm just horrible at organization. Well, I finally decided to make a change. It had to be done (Michael was tired of it) and I was tired of a ruining makeup.
So I got organized.
I dumped everything out of the closet, got rid of old makeup, and headed to Walgreens for a Sharpie Pen and storage bins.

 I organized everything into categories: everyday makeup, bronzer/blush, eyes, brushes/tools, lips, and face/ skin. It was actually kind of fun to put everything in it's place. So much so, that I ended up organizing ALL the drawers in my bathroom.
Using my trusty, bold Sharpie pen I wrote out each category.

What I love about the Sharpie Pen is how easy it is to write with, with the same bold, high-quality of the Sharpie marker, with no bleeding through the paper. When I asked Michael to take a few pictures, the first thing he said, “Wow, who wrote that?!”
I looked at him quizzically, “uhh ME!” I guess when you have the right pens it makes all the difference. The pens are super comfy and made with brushed stainless steel, but the best part? Refillable- you'll never need another pen again!
So after organizing everything into drawers, moving towels, and finally using vertical storage, here is my “after” of my bathroom closet:

bathroom closet after

Let's just go ahead and get this side by side for empahsis:

  I can't explain just how exciting this is for me. I pull out the “everyday drawer” wash my face, put on my
makeup, and just pop the drawer back in. For me, this is life altering.

So what did I learn from all of this? Being organized is not only awesome, it makes me feel better about life. Maybe that's silly, but it's true. On to the next project…