I once wrote a post entitled “I'm Irrational.” I think we all tend to be a little irrational about certain things. Especially when we go outside at night and we think a serial killer is just behind the corner. So we sprint to dump the trash in the bin and run, arms flailing, back inside. Or maybe that's just me.
Regardless, there are certain things that people do that make me angry. I'm not talking about an eye roll here and there, I mean a full-on rant. They aren't necessarily things that should make me mad, but they do.
I just don't understand why some people act a certain way when, clearly, you don't have to do that.

Things I'm irrationally Angry About

Look how angry I am! 

– Buying Hunter boots. Why in the hell are plastic rain boots $150? Better yet, why do you have to purchase them? I have a pair of hot pink rain boots that I got four years ago from Marshall's for $8.50. They work great! Know why? Because they are rubber boots. They function the same as the expensive ones.

– Expensive spin classes. Look, I know that it's super trendy to go to spin class these days. There are even tank tops embroidered with “You Can't Spin With Us.” It's all the rage. But why would you pay almost $300 a month when you can go to a gym that has work-out classes, weights, a pool, locker rooms with showers and… spin classes for half the price?

-Not reading something and then leaving your thoughts. Wait, are you sure you want to say that? Did you read the article all the way through? It sure sounds like you didn't.

-Follow directions.When the directions are super clear and you have to do maybe three things and you can't spend 18 seconds to read it all the way through… Errrrgh.

-When you can't commit to a decision. I understand that sometimes plans are too far off to know what you'll have going on, but that's not always the case. I was in a group text about a concert this past weekend. We were three days from the concert and about four of the seven of us hadn't bought tickets. We were asking them simply: are you coming or not? *Crickets* Just answer yes or no. It's not going to hurt my feelings!

-PDA. I really hate it. I'm 27 years old and when my friends are making out I want to puke. Michael and I might hold hands briefly but that's about it. Everyone feels awkward. EVERYONE.

A new apparel company here in Dallas that's rationally angry, or better yet, mad, is taking t-shirts to a whole new level. Cotton is commonly called the world's ‘dirtiest' crop because of the heavy
use of hazardous insecticides in manufacturing and farming. True, it's what much of our clothing is made of. Mad Leaf makes t-shirts that matter. All shirts are made from recycled plastic materials and organic cotton, while educating people about how to keep a clean environment.

I love this concept, they are getting mad to make a change. All the t-shirts are unique. If you look closely you'll see my tiger tee is made up of leaves! I also love this green “Raw by Nature” shirt. A portion of the proceeds from Mad Leaf go to Clothes4Soles, and they will help any non-profit with a individual shirt campaign.
Sometimes, it's cool to get mad. Check out Mad Leaf on Facebook or purchase your new fav t-shirt today and make a difference!

What are you irrationally angry about?