The other day someone asked me how I embedded my Spotify playlist into my weekend playlists, so I thought I'd do a quick tutorial. It's really pretty easy but let's break it down.

How To Embed A Spotify Playlist

First, if you don't have Spotify, sign up for it. It's totally free and you can make playlists out of virtually any song, new or old. You can stream music on your phone or other mobile device. That's still free. The only catch is if you want to pick and choose songs to play from your playlists that does cost about $9 a month. But you can be cheap like me and just have it shuffle the playlist (and occasionally listen to ads).

Start by adding music to your playlist: search for music, drag and drop or right click and add to your playlist.

Once you are set with your playlist and you want to embed it, right click the playlist:

 Click “Copy Embed Code” this will copy the HTML you need to add to your blog post.
Go to your blog post and switch from compose to HTML mode (upper left hand side in Blogger) and paste the code where you want the playlist to show up.
It will look something like this:

Now on to the songs on the playlist!

You know when you're stuck in a rut with music? You just can't find anything good to listen to? That is not the case for me this month. There are so many good songs out right now my iPhone is hardly able to hold the massive amounts of music I keep adding to it. Also, I haven't deleted a picture since two years ago, but still.
Here's what I've been jamming to for the tail end of summer:

1. “Go”MAKJ, M35, Showtek Edit

Every time I hear this song I get excited. It pumps me up and .

2. “Nobody to Love” Sigma

You know the Kanye song “Bound 2”? The ridiculous music video with Kanye and Kim? Well this is that good part of the song remixed. It's gold.

3. “Revolution” R3hab, Nervo, Ummet Ozman – Audien Remix

This song is from last year, but Audien has brought it to life again with his remix. It's one of those songs that just makes you feel good.

4. “Sweet Ophelia” Zella Day

A honeysuckle sweet voice mixed with a harder beat. Kind of different from my norm, but I'm digging this.

5. “Habits (Stay High)” Tove Love, Habits, Chainsmokers Remix

They're playing this on the radio now, but not the remix. The remix is much better- a quicker pace leaves your more room to jam.

6. “We were Young” DVBBS

These guys are quickly becoming my favorites. They keep cranking out awesome stuff that's different and fun.

7. “Wasted Love” Steve Angello

A pretty track from the former Swedish House Mafia member. It's easy to listen to and great for a long drive or a dance in the dark. 

What are you jamming to?
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