Did you miss me? Good. Keep on missing. I'm still in Europe. Tomorrow I will be back in the USA and I don't want to be back. 11 days is just too short. Since I'm complaining, let's talk about First World Problems shall we? I obviously shouldn't be complaining at all as I'm in Europe and attending a music festival. But then again, if I didn't, then Hima might not have anything to write about, ya know? 
Hey y'all! I'm Hima, from Hima Hearts, and Helene is letting me take over this blog for the day while she is out gallivanting across Europe (thanks girl!). Here's the deal: Hima Hearts is my happiness project, only with a little less class and a lot more sass. On any given day you'll find music, humor, food, or just general inspiration on my blog, so you're sure to enjoy it!

That's me, in case you hadn't realized.

Lately I've been trying to figure out if all of my struggles are real, or if I'm just the most easily annoyed person on the planet, so check out my list of first world problems and let me know if there are any I have missed or any you completely agree with

First World Problems: 

+your song” being played on the radio and becoming the world's most popular song. This happened to me with Lorde and Royals. I was so mad.

+having a single black hair tie on your wrist in most pictures taken of you because ain't nobody got time for arm candy or doing their hair (ummm, double whammy?)

+when you take 12093821039 pictures and SOMEONE closes their eyes in every. single. one.

+have ever gotten “just a trim” which turns out to be incredibly short

+your computer dying but your charger being really far away

+stubbing your toes and the general feeling of anger at the world that results
+Getting a Snapchat screenshot notification. Hello, blackmail material. 

+having to set 5 alarms because you're definitely not waking up with just one. Oh yeah, and setting your phone on the other side of the room because your snooze reflex is too good to have your phone next to you

+When your hair is perfect at night, but looks like a gorilla finger-combed it in the morning
+When NONE of the Instagram filters can make your photo look good.
+singing the lyrics to a song wrong, out loud
So, what's the verdict? Am I a crybaby, or can any of y'all relate? Head over to my blog and let me know! Thank you to Helene for letting me take over for the day!

xo, Hima

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