Telling people you have a blog is somewhat comparable to coming out of the closet. It something you've been working on but you didn't want to tell them until now. You have carefully chosen the people you tell first. You're a little bit embarrassed and hope they won't think of you differently. They might not understand.
It's a secret you've been hiding and you just can't stand it. You blog. And damn right, you're proud of it.

Here's how it goes down (at least for me) :

Me: So I have a blog. I'm a blogger.
Them: You do?! What do you write about?
(staring at them blankly for anout 30 seconds)
Me: Umm whatever I want. Myself. my Life. The Dog. Things I find interesting. The Bachelor…
Them: Do you blog about me?!
Me: Maybe. You'd have to read it to find out.
Them: And people read it?
Me: Well some people do.
Them: I've never heard of it.
Me: Well that's because I didn't tell you!
Them: Do you make any money from it?
Me: Yes a little.
Them: Are you quitting your job?!
Me: No, I don't make that much!
Them: Then why do you do it?
Me: Because I like writing, expressing myself, it's kind of like a community.
Them: Oh.
Me: I have even made blogging friends.
Them: That's weird.
Me: You're weird, OK?!
Them: Can I start a blog?
Me: Sure.
Them: Mine would be better than yours. I bet I would get more followers than you. How many do you have?
Me: I don't know it's hard to tell. They follow through a number of outlets. Like Bloglovin, twitter, facebook, etc.
Them: Well, that's cool.
Me:  Thanks.
Them: I mean, it's kinda odd but it's cool.
Me: I think I'll blog about this….

What is it like when you tell people YOU blog?

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