Kids born in the summer have always gotten a special gift for
their birthday, no school! While this leaves open tons of time, for parents the
challenge often comes when it's time to plan for the party. No need to worry, I
have here a list of 10 birthday ideas that are sure to be a blast. 

1. Pool “Soup” Party

If you're wondering if I've completely lost my mind, bear with me. You know
those fun noodles for the pool? The ones that float? Cut them up and have them
floating around like noodles and find other floating pool toys and toss them
in. The kids will have tons to play with and it's an awesome twist on the
traditional pool party. 

2. Lake or Springs Party

Do you live near a body of water? To avoid the inevitable mess in your own
home, take the kids out. Many places have picnic areas set up and you can rent
tubes or canoes or even a boat to take them out on. 

3. Water Balloon Pinatas

Kids love water balloons and they love hitting things with sticks. Instead of
getting a typical pinata and filling it with candy, fill water balloons and
hang them instead. No sugar rush from candy later, and the added bonus of
cooling off when the balloons burst. Plus, the mess is outside. 

4. S'mores Bar for a backyard party

Whether you plan on having a camp out in the back yard or not, everyone can
enjoy the deliciousness of a S'more. Set up all of the ingredients on a table,
buffet stile with sticks at the end. If you have a fire pit or backyard
barbecue everyone can roast their marshmallows and dress up their S'mores
however they like. 

5. Beach Themed Party

Set up the backyard like a beach, fully equipped with little pools of water and
sand. Have all the sand toys and beach balls you want and sit out coolers with
tasty beach inspired snacks. 

Now for the adults, can't let this be
all children's parties.

6. Backyard Movie Theatre

Do you have a projector or know someone who does? Lay pillows and blankets out
with tons of snacks and drinks and have some friends over for a movie night
under the stars. 

7. Watermelon Keg 

Need I say more? Look online about how to turn a melon in to a keg, a delicious
way to enjoy your booze and would be perfect for a cookout type birthday

8.Messy Twister

Set up twister as you usually would but put some paint (washable obviously) on
the board. It certainly gives a nice twist and would be especially fun after a
few drinks. 

9. Trip To the Beach

Load up the trucks and head out to the beach, bring some music, drinks, food
and chairs and you've got yourself a good time. Bonus points if you bring a big
volley ball set up. 

10. Water Balloon Races

This would be a fun one for those hot summer days, you'll wind up soaked. Fill
balloons and have some races (obstacles optional) and whoever breaks theirs
goes back to start over.

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